Top-5 Leading wicket-takers in IPL History

The Top-5 Leading wicket-takers in IPL History

The Indian premium league (IPL) is known for its ability to host the most entertaining games with the bests of talents. Among the best of talents are bowlers who deliver excellent performances in the games. Furthermore, talented bowlers make it in the list of top wicket-takers in IPL history. 

Below Are The Top 5 Leading Bowlers In Ipl History

Among the five leading wicket-takers, are two pacers, and three are spin bowlers. Furthermore, among the five players, four participated in IPL inaugural season. Thus, their experience in the league ensured they kept on improving.

Furthermore, the IPL is known to offer players a platform to excel. Over the years, bowlers have managed to gain themselves a positive image through wicket-taking and good performances.

The Leading Wicket-Takers

1. Lasith Malinga

Lasith Malinga is IPL top bowler. He has managed to gather a record of 170 wickets in a total of 122 games. All 108 of the wickets he took were through death overs. Death-overs occur when a batsman tries to score at a faster speed.

 Furthermore, Malinga has always been at the top of his game in most of his IPL playing career. He began playing for Mumbai in the 2009 season. Since the beginning of his playing for the Mumbai Indians, Malinga has assisted the team about five times to cross the line on several occasions. 

In 2019, he played the season as his last appearance. The 2019 final over was sufficient to prove his excellent skills even at the last moments of his career.

2. Amit Mishra

Amit Mishra is the second in IPL top wicket-takers. He has picked 166 wickets in an overall of 154 games. Currently, Mishra plays for the Delhi squad, and previously, he played for the Hyderabad franchise. Furthermore, Mishra has an impressive record of 7.35 economies in the league.

 He plays an essential role in picking wickets in the middle overs. In the leagues he has played in, Mishra can be considered an unsung hero. He is an outstanding leg-spinner and has finessed the art of taking wickets using his excellent leg-spinning abilities. 

In the Indian premier league 2021, Mishra is expected to lead the Dehli Capital to an excellent performance.

3. Piyush Chawla

Mumbai Indians bought Piyush Chawla for the IPL 2021 in a mini-auction. In addition, he is the third leading wicket-taker in the IPL league history. Chawla has picked 156 wickets in a total of 164 matches. 

He also has one of the best bowling averages in IPL of 27.32 and an economy rate of 7.87. Previously, Chawla played in Chennai, Kolkata, and Punjab. Furthermore, he has managed to take the wickets through death over duties and employing power play.

4. Dwayne Bravo

Dwayne Bravo is an excellent all-rounder. His 156 wickets are the same as Piyush Chawla; therefore, they both hold the third position as top IPL wicket-takers. Furthermore, he holds the position as the second-best pacer in IPL history after Lasith Malinga.

Bravo has been a crucial player in Chennai bowling, especially in the death overs. His death overs prowess is quite outstanding and a mystery to other players. Furthermore, MS Dhoni, Chennai’s captain, has ensured to use Bravo’s potential maximally for the team’s advantage. He has played in a total of 144 IPL games and managed to score an average of 24.88. 

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5. Harbhajan Singh

Harbhajan Singh, an off-spinner, is positioned fifth in the best leading wicket-takers list. He has picked 150 wickets in a total of 163 games. Furthermore, he has an average of 26.44, with an economic rate of 7.07. Singh will play for Kolkata Knight Riders in the IPL 2021 second league. 

He has managed to acquire tremendous success in his playing career. Furthermore, Singh played for the Mumbai Indians for about ten years, leading them to win three championships. But, he transferred to Chennai Super Kings in 2018.

Bowlers play an essential role in a cricket game. The best thing about the IPL is that it contains the best teams with the best bowlers. Those teams that do not have the best bowlers end up not performing very well. The above are the top five bowlers with the most wickets in the league’s history.