Office Cleaning Tips

Having a cluttered and dirty office or workspace affects productivity levels and reduces the amount of work done. 

The simple task of cleaning your office can go a long way in ensuring you and your workers stay healthy thereby bringing about optimum performance at work. 

In this post, you will get to know the office cleaning tips you need to follow to ensure the very best clean and professional-looking office. By the way, check out this commercial office cleaning company.

Remove Everything

Yes, you read right, to have a clean office, you will want to start from scratch to avoid missing any important parts. Remove everything from the desk such as your computer, the drawer, and shelves and place them in a neat pile in one corner of the office or put them in another room. Now wipe down the desk from top to bottom and clean other surfaces alike. Also, you will need to clean your computer equipment. 

Check Each Item 

Though assessing every item in your office may seem like a huge task, understanding what you need will simplify the task for you. You will be surprised to see lots of things you don’t even need. 

While going through those items, create three piles or spaces which can be dubbed “to keep”, “to archive”, and “to junk”. The items you put in “to keep” should be things you will need daily and weekly. While the items in the “to archive” should be those important documents and files that are relevant to your work but don’t require being used in two weeks or a month at most. While the last group of items should be those things that you no longer need which can either be given out or thrown away. 

Rearrange Your Space

If you notice that your office space always gets cluttered right after cleaning, then you need to analyze your workspace. This is to remove those items you wouldn’t be using daily and put them into a shelf or drawer and keep those things you make use of daily close to you to avoid cluttering your office or workspace. 

Organize Your Paperwork

One of the things that make the office look so cluttered is having paperwork in almost every corner of the desk and room. The truth is that dealing with paperwork may be daunting, but you should ensure that unnecessary documents are disturbing your productivity. Put those documents or files that you don’t make use of daily in shelves or paper storage. That way, your desk, and office will be cluttered-free, and clean. 

Dust Electronics 

Your electronics are the largest place dust collects most and is more visible. Wipe clean your electronic gadgets such as computer accessories, and cables. Make sure you use disinfectant, especially on the keyboards and telephone as both are confirmed to be a breeding space for bacteria and germs.

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Hire Professional 

It is not always easy to clean a whole office while some people may have the time, you, in particular, may be quite busy undertaking this task. Moreso hiring a professional cleaner to clean and arrange your office will give you extra time to work on the more demanding tasks of your job. Also, professionals will know what to look for, where to look, and also what devices to use in cleaning specific parts of your office.