The Unwavering Truth About MangaGo And It’s Alternatives

Everyone enjoys reading fantasy and comic books, whether they are children or adults. In my childhood, I used to read comic books for hours without taking any break. At that time, there was no online platform to read. I have to buy comic books to read that. In the present time, everything has changed because of technology. Now anyone can read for free with the help of technology.

History of Manga

Manga is an essential part of Japanese art, and it displays the history of Japan with a modern twist. Manga is more than a comic. It is a way to find peace in a world filled with chaos. Manga comics have heart-warming stories. Manga comics are top-rated around the globe. MangaGo is an excellent resource for those who want to keep up with the latest Manga comics.

What is MangaGo?

MangaGo is the most prominent digital comics and manga database where anyone can find anything. You can find many authors and genres, some of them not available anywhere else. This site contains all the Manga comics, and it has been organized with the latest UI interface so users can easily find what they are looking for.

It has a wide range of genres, including sci-fi and action, comedy, and romance. It offers many language options so that users can have the most fun.

In Some countries, uploading manga without the permission of their author or the publisher is illegal, and MangaGo is doing the same. So in some countries, MangaGo is not legal.

Why Is MangaGo Not Working?

MangaGo constantly changes its server to skip the blocking of the website. So due to this reason, sometimes MangaGo may not work. If this happens then, you can try those methods which are given below:

1st Method: 

Refresh your browser by clicking on the “Refresh Icon” or “CTRL+F5“.

2nd Method:

Restart your Wi-Fi router by turning it “Off” and “On“.

3rd Method: 

Clear the “Browser Cache“.

For Chrome:

  1. Click on the 3 dots Icon (On the Right corner upper side).
  2. Then click on “History“.
  3. After That, click on “Clear Browsing Data” (3rd position on the Upper Left Corner).
  4. Select the “Time Range.”
  5. Click on the “Clear Data”

4th Method:

Your firewall might have blocked Temporarily disable the firewall running in the background. You can disable it by following these steps if you’re not sure how:

  1. You can search for “Virus and Threat Protection” by typing the word in Windows’ Search Box.
  2. Now you will get an icon of “Virus and Threat Protection“, click on that.
  3. You will see an option of “Firewall and network Protection”(4th position from the upper side left corner); click on that.
  4. Now Off the “Domain Network Security.

MangaGo Android App to Read Manga

Manga readers love apps. It’s challenging to tell the difference between fan-made translations and official translations in Japanese manga comics. That’s why you should know which manga reading app works best.

MangaGo App is one of the best Android apps of all. The idea of the MangaGo App came into the mind of a manga lover, and then He created it. More than 15,000 manga titles are available in English translation, and they’re ready to be read. It is stunning and flawless.

Technical Information of MangaGo app

Application Name:MangaGo
Compatibility:Android 4.1+
Package Name:KissACG Mangago-v2.2.6.apk
App Version:V2.2.6
Released Date:11-Feb-2021
Safety:Complete Safe
Size:19.9 MB
MOD:3 Ads
Requirement:A Phone with Good Internet Connection
User Rating3.9
Features:Free to Download!20 Servers availableAlert and Notification For New Episodes!Well Organized Categories!Keep reading where you left offFull HD Quality Pictures!Get Full Support 24X7!

What are the features of MangaGo’s App?

It doesn’t matter what site you are looking for, but The fundamental guidelines for selecting the right one will remain the same. The App’s interface will determine whether you are searching for a manga or movie site.

There are some features of MangaGo:

  1. It has a User-Friendly Interface: It means the design of the App is amiable. It is accessible to everyone without any problems.
  2. It has a search bar: It means this App has been organized very well. So you can effortlessly search your favorite manga by using its Search Bar and Filters options.
  3. It has Unique Manga: It means a collection of old and rare mangas, which you can’t find on other Apps.

How to Download MangaGo App?

To download and install MangaGo App on your phone, You have to follow the steps that are mentioned below:

  1.  You can click on the download link or go to the play store on your mobile and search for the “MangaGo App”.
  2. Now click on the “Install” button.
  3. After the completion of installation, you can use the App.

If this doesn’t work, then you can follow the “Link 2″ Steps:

  1. Open any browser, which you use and open the link given below.
  2. After Downloading the App, click on the APK file to install it.
  3. During the installation process, you will need to select “Allow Downloads from Unknown Sources“. So you have to enable it by the settings of your phone.
  4. Now install it by following the on-screen instruction.

What are the different types of Manga Available on MangaGo?

There are so many different types of manga available, which you can easily access. Some famous mangas of MangaGo are mentioned below:

  1. Yoi MangaGo
  2. Yuri MangaGo
  3. Killing Stalking MangaGo
  4. BJ Alex MangaGo
  5. 19 Days MangaGo
  6. Love Is An Illusion MangaGo
  7. Comics that are based on genres

MangaGo Alternative Sites

Many similar websites to MangaGo have sprung up offering manga comics in other languages due to the increasing popularity of manga markets. This alternative serves the reader’s needs. You can still read the same content on another website if you’re not allowed to visit a site. Even though the content may be different, readers will still be interested in the same thing and continue seeking out more information.

These are the top 10 MangaGo alternatives:

1. Mangastream

Monthly Visitors:190,529
Ad Annoyance:5
VPN Friendly:Yes, Works perfectly!

Mangastream is an excellent alternative to MangaGo. They have a reputation for releasing “Killing Stalking” series episodes before the official release. There are 52 Manga genres on the site, ranging in length from Action to Yuri.

You can also submit manga to the collection section. Each Manga series and each episode have their user ratings. It may be helpful for readers to discover great manga series.

2. MangaOwl

Monthly Visitors:1.5M
Ad Annoyance:5
VPN Friendly:Yes, Works perfectly!

It is another popular manga website that has a wide range of variety for its users. You can also find an app for MangaOwl that is free. 

MangaOwl uploads on the same day that officials release new episodes. The popular series of Mangaowl is Yaoi and Yuri.

3. MangaEden

Monthly Visitors:125,348
Ad Annoyance:5
VPN Friendly:Yes, Works perfectly!

MangaEden is the scanlation website with the most extensive “Killing Stalking” and “Love Is an Illusion” manga comics. The site offers manga comics in more than 20 languages, including German, Italian, and German.

You can find various versions of every manga, including a coloured version, alternate fan-fiction endings and an official crossover manga series.

4. MangaDex

Monthly Visitors:6,197,821
Ad Annoyance:4
VPN Friendly:Yes, Works perfectly!

MangaDex is an easy-to-use, straightforward Manga streaming site that offers manga comics in English and Italian.

19 Days Man and Bj Alex are two of the most popular manga comics updated on the site. Two feeds provide updates about the latest episodes in the languages we have mentioned.

5. MangaFreak

Monthly Visitors:642,962
Ad Annoyance:5
VPN Friendly:Yes, Works perfectly!

MangaFreak is one of the manga scanlation sites used by many manga search engines and manga books databases to stream its manga comics.

MangaFreak offers a vertical scroll feed that allows you to read the next page in each Manga episode.

6. Manganelo

Monthly Visitors:102,915
Ad Annoyance:5
VPN Friendly:Yes, Works perfectly!

Manganelo, a scanlation site for the manga, is a great option. It has an abundance of content in different genres. It isn’t as well-known as the other sites I mentioned.

It is one of the few sites that allows you to download manga comics.

Readers can go back to the beginning and continue reading a specific character in the Japanese manga series.

7. MangaHere

Monthly Visitors:324,766
Ad Annoyance:Paid
VPN Friendly:Yes, Works perfectly!

MangaHere is one of the most popular manga scanlation websites on the Internet. You can load up to ten images per page or one chapter per page. While some readers prefer to load pictures on the next page, others like it.

8. MangaPark

Monthly Visitors:319,954
Ad Annoyance:3
VPN Friendly:Yes, Works perfectly!

MangaPark is home to over 10,000 manga comics. They are constantly adding new versions of manga. Due to DMCA lawsuits against the site, the website address (URL) keeps changing frequently. Manga is available on most websites in the Japanese version.

9. TenManga

Monthly Visitors:135,529
Ad Annoyance:6
VPN Friendly:Yes, Works perfectly!

TenManga offers Manga streaming using an interface similar to MangaGo. You can list all the manga series grammatically. We are all familiar that there is an issue called Ambiguity when choosing the next manga series. Manga comics are available to be read without registering or creating an account.

10. MangaPanda

Monthly Visitors:135,529
Ad Annoyance:6
VPN Friendly:Yes, Works perfectly!

MangaPanda, a scanlation site that is relatively new to the block, has all the ingredients to offer relief to veteran manga comic site readers looking for an alternative to MangaGo. It displays results in an interactive pop-up window that gives you a unique touch to your overall user experience.


If The MangaGo Doesn’t Work, then don’t be sad. Let’s continue reading by visiting one of the alternative sites that are mentioned above. Would you please let us know if you know of any other websites where We can read the manga? We’d be glad to include them in the bonus section of this article.