Learn How to Design Your Outfits From Scratch

Making Clothes 101: Learn How to Design Your Outfits From Scratch

This year, the global fashion industry market is expected to reach $635.17 billion. If you consider yourself a fashion junkie, you may already know about the big numbers the market continues to produce.

As a dreamer, you want to be a part of the fashion world more than anything but don’t know how to get started. Read on to learn about making clothes in a few simple steps.

Start With Drawing

Before you can start making clothes, you should learn how to draw. You don’t need to be a master in the art, but you should have a good enough hand to get your designs across.

When making clothing, most designers have their own style even if their drawings are a tad funky.

There are plenty of ways to educate yourself about drawing. For one, you can take a class or simply pick up a how-to book from the library. The best thing you can do to learn is practice!

Learn to Sew

If you don’t already know how to sew, you can go to your local craft store for materials and informational guides. As a designer, you don’t have to be the one physically crafting clothes, but you should still know a little something.

Without the proper sewing knowledge, you cannot come up with new and innovative ideas. You can find cheap sewing classes at community colleges, online, or even through craft stores.

If you do intend to sew your own designs, learning more than the basics is essential. It is recommended to study pattern making and know how a garment is assembled.

Study Design Theory

Even if clothing design is your calling, you can always benefit from knowing about design theory. You don’t have to go to school for this, there are a ton of online resources and even books you can read to learn.

Learning about design could be as simple as learning how to use a clothing stamp for camp.

Stay Updated on Fashion

The world of fashion is ever-changing, so if you want to design clothes, you’ll need to keep up. As a clothing designer, you’ll need to know how to think ahead of the trends.

If you have a certain design niche you want to follow, you can look up fashion shows that include your interest. If there are any shows near you, going to them can teach you a lot.

The highly sought out fashion designers create their collections in advance. By visiting a show, you’ll get an idea of what trends are going to hit the market shortly.

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Are You Ready to Start Making Clothes?

Making clothes takes a lot more than putting pen to paper or needle to cloth. To get good at this craft, you’ll need to learn everything you can about drawing, sewing, design, and, of course, fashion.

Ready to see your designs on the runway? With this guide, you’ll be well on your way to making your own clothing designs.

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