3 Reasons to Hire a Property Stylist for Your House for Sale in Melbourne

3 Reasons to Hire a Property Stylist for Your House for Sale in Melbourne

The key ingredients to having a successful house sale are finding suitable agents, having beautiful photography, and exhibiting your property in the best possible light. It helps maximise the price you can get for your precious asset.

Without a doubt, properties need to be presented beautifully in print online as well as in design. It is best to consider Property Staging Melbourne before listing your property for sale.

Potential buyers will be attracted to your house located in Melbourne. It is one of Australia’s largest cities and ranked as one of the top 10 safest places in the world to live. It is a perfect place to raise a family and live the fabulous Aussie lifestyle.

Maximise The Selling Price

It is critical never to underestimate the power of property styling. When you set up your home in its best possible light, it is an effective way to attract the buyer into viewing your property and then, of course, making a commitment and an offer.

The way your property is presented will encourage your buyer’s emotions, and an experienced Property Staging Melbourne stylist can make this happen. Your stylist must have experience selling on the market and understanding the requirements of real estate laws and regulations. Design-wise they must also know about the perfect furniture, the correct placement, as well as excellent artwork and accessories to exhibit your home ideally. They must show the true potential of your home.

Recent data shows that Melbourne has an average median house price in Australia. When it comes to living expenses, Melbourne is considered the second most expensive capital city in Australia, but everything is still more affordable compared to Sydney. Houses in Melbourne are considered 20% cheaper on average. Because of this, many property buyers may consider settling down in Melbourne since it is a more affordable option.

Attract The Maximum Number Of Buyers To Your Property For Sale

It is often believed that a good property with a good agent can get buyers to check out the house when it is time to sell. However, the reality is there is only one way your buyers are going to the door, the online photos of your property.

Your property must stand out from your competitors. It must have an inviting nature that encourages visits. It is incredible what a property stylist can do with your space. They can even make an otherwise dull space stand out. Although you may adore some dependable pieces in your homes, such as your oversized and cozy chocolate brown couch, modern styles catch the eye of buyers and allow them to see the house in the best light possible as well as examine its functionality. Critical pieces such as artwork and homeware also add texture and a pop of colour that is attractive to buyers.

Recognise The Potential Of Your Property

There are times when a room needs to be styled in a specific way. Because of this, there are numerous advantages of working with a property stylist. They can see the property’s potential and see the benefits to every nook. They know the real estate market and the demographics you are marketing your house in. Many stylists showcase your property in the best possible light because a majority of buyers cannot see or visualise the full worth of the property. 

They cannot see past what is there. In some cases, changing a room to an extra bedroom or making it into a second living space can add thousands of dollars to the property’s final price and can be a dealbreaker.


If you are considering selling your house, you may be ready to move on with your life and start your life anew. Although you adored your house for years, buyers do not share your view right off the bat. Because of this, you may require a property stylist to exhibit your home in the best possible light for a more competitive offer.

It should be effortless to sell your house in Melbourne. The best suburb to settle in this magnificent city is the Inner east, filled with verdant and trendy suburbs. You will find numerous restaurants and shops and more things to do than on Melbourne’s west side. According to data, it is the reason many people love these suburbs.