How To Get The Maximum Cooling From Your Car AC

How To Get The Maximum Cooling From Your Car AC?

Driving in an overheated cabin and a less-than-perfect AC sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it? However, nothing is more important in a humid country like India than keeping the car AC working on humid summer days to ensure you can drive around your automobile. So you need to get the maximum cooling out of your car’s AC. But how to do that? 

Well, here are some simple rules that you can follow to ensure that this special automotive performs better and you get the maximum cooling out of it. Let’s get started! 

Daily Habits To Take Maximum Advantage Of Your Car AC

Slow And Steady

Turn on the air conditioner at the lowest setting first – it will help you obtain better cooling. Since the temperature inside the vehicle is higher than that of the outside, your AC will force the machine to take air from the passenger cabin if the blower is set at full speed. As a result, the AC will have to work harder to keep the cabin cool. Remember to begin at the slowest possible speed. So that you know, the automated air conditioning systems that are now standard in automobiles only operate at moderate speeds. So, if your automobile has a manual air conditioner, use it in the same manner as an automated air conditioner.

Recirculation Mode

You should switch on the recirculation mode once the air conditioner starts blowing cool air. This indicates that the AC system will use the air that is already within the cabin rather than outside air. This will assist the system in cooling the cabin without exerting more effort.

Regular AC Servicing 

Your car AC, like your engine, needs servicing on a regular basis. The end of winter is the optimum time to have your car’s air conditioning serviced. This is because you will get the finest discounts and lowest prices during season change. However, when the summer arrives, demand skyrockets, and you’ll have to wait a long time to get your air conditioner repaired, as well as pay a hefty price.

Check Refrigerant Level

Make this a regular part of your car’s maintenance. Always have your car mechanic take a look at the refrigerant level in your car’s AC. This will give you an estimate of the level of refrigerant left in your system and when you’ll need to refill it. Low refrigerant levels in your car’s air conditioner will also reduce performance and cooling. Make sure the refrigerant is always at the proper level to get the most cooling out of your car’s air conditioner.

Clean or Change Dirty Filter Frequently 

Your car’s air conditioner has a cabin filter that removes particles from the air before it enters the cabin. Unfortunately, the dirt and dust particles clog up the cabin filter, and a clogged air conditioner filter harms cooling and performance. This is the simplest thing you can do to keep your car’s air conditioner in good working order. Simply remove the filter and clean it on a regular basis. You can replace the filter if it becomes too clogged. You can purchase an ac filter and ac compressor from when you require changing. They house some of the best auto parts here and at relatively low prices! Go check out Boodmo’s website now!

While the above-mentioned tips and tricks are crucial to keep your car AC working effortlessly, here are some additional tips to cool down your car to ensure your AC does not have to put extra pressure while cooling. 

Additional Tips

Keep Them In The Shade

This is the most effective way to keep your automobile cool during the heat. You won’t have to get worked out about your car heating up while you are away if you park it in the shade! If the sun warms your automobile, you’ll need to wait until it cools down before getting in or driving. This will squander your time and gasoline in the long run! Also, parking in the shade gives you an extra layer of protection for your car’s paint. Sunrays have long-term damaging effects on your car’s paint, which you may avoid by just parking in the shade.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

If none of the preceding options were viable, this one will undoubtedly suffice. When you arrive in your car after it has been parked in the sun for a long time, you must adequately ventilate the cabin before driving – you must exhaust the heated air inside. If you skip this step, you’ll have a hard time driving comfortably in the overheated cabin.

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Taking maximum advantage of your car’s AC is not a big deal – you just have to know how to do it! These tips as mentioned above and tricks will help you to effortlessly work your AC, allowing it to perform to the best of its ability. So start taking care of your car AC today to reap maximum benefits!