How To Get Hard Light Catalyst Quest In Destiny 2

How To Get Hard Light Catalyst Quest In Destiny 2?

There is a famous philosophy that says, if you cannot fight them, join them. In simpler words, it is useless fighting and winning against someone who is powerful than you. Instead, the better deal lies in joining them. This is the same philosophy behind the game hard light catalyst Destiny 2. The game is filled with thrills and surprises you cannot even imagine.

Want to know more about what is the hype of hard light all about? Then sit tight, as you are about to discover all the interesting details about the game. So, let’s get started!

What Is Hard Light Auto Rifle?

The Hard light auto rifle is one of the most potentially powerful weapons in destiny 2. However, it is also spoken of as a ‘troublesome weapon’. Initially, there were cases of it shaking whenever fired. The recent changes and updates made to it have made the game manageable and better. The best part; accuracy has improved. 

How Can I Get Hard Light Easily?

Hard light in Destiny 2 is not just about survival, but also about dominance and regular crucible and iron banner. The weapons that are used in the game have the power to kill 5x times and next closest primary in trials. SUROS is important and should be there on most of the maps. Until Bungie nerfs, it’s there on the maps. If you are a fresher playing, you wouldn’t have it, which might make you feel weird about what is happening. 

One can also feel that they are incompetent. It is necessary to understand that there is no specific exotic guest to get hard light. It is a destiny 1 game weapon and there is destiny 2 from the beginning. You can get in many potential methods. A few of them are discussed below.

Methods Of Getting Hard Light Destiny 2:

Sold only be Xur: As per the grant, Xur sells one weapon a week and therefore he has a large pool of the same. Xur is the selling vendor who is responsible for giving out rotating sets of exotics on the weekends usually for the shards. Therefore, one can find out his location on Friday reset on  Xur sells random engram for more shards. Hence if hard light is on your checklist, then it’s perhaps your best-targeted try.

Exotic engrams battle pass: For the seasonal battle pass, a few exotic engrams function the same way. This means they shall give you an exotic if you do not already have the same. They exist on ranks 98, 74, 60, and 25 in descending order and those are the four chances only if you get all way through.

The milestones: apart and outside of the engrams being targeted, the best bet for exotics is won by completing weekly milestones. These are strong and potential drops that appear like objectives and are marked by yellow circles all over the maps. Objectives are anything from completing three strikes to attempting 8 crucible bounties and doing the others on flashpoint planet. Most of the time, one can get the legendries, however, you can get exotics only by completing them.

In these ways, you can the catalyst which drops once you get an exotic weapon that provides a great boost.

Is Hard Light Catalyst Still Worth?

Yes, fortunately, the hard light catalyst does add to the improvement and core of the shooter game. It makes the entire experience of destiny 2 an exciting one. But here’s the thing. Getting hard light and upgrading it is not easy. A plyer should know a few points well in advance when wanting to get hands on to hard light catalyst. Moreover, hard light is a great choice between PVP and monster in PVE.

For the beginning players or for those who do find the aiming easy, knowing the game is worthwhile.  Hard light catalyst also reduces the shakiness that exists and it comes with firing mode. Now, this is actually accomplished by an increase in the weapon stability factor. It is next to impossible to underestimate the stability that is added by the hard light catalysts. The players who gave up on this weapon should think about having a good look at it once again. 

  • Hard light catalyst- The weapon statistics you should know:
  • The weapon stats of HLC are as follows:
  • Impact and range- 21, 46
  • Magazine and rounds per min- 49, 600
  • Handling and stability- 75, 67
  • Reload speed- 68

The volatile light rounds fire from the weapon. This has introduced damage fall off, ricochet off hard surfaces, and over-penetrate targets issues. There is also projectile damage which increases further after a bounce. Finally, the fundamentals of the weapons, therefore, are to change its damage type, cycling between solar, arc, and void. 

How Can I Find It?

Hard light usually appears at random whenever the players win something heroic or nightfall strikes.  There is no indication about how and when the catalyst shall drop precisely, however like another catalyst, it will not appear easily or right away. It only appears as a good repercussion of successfully completing the strikes. 

Once the players get their hands on hard light catalysts, they should be made sure that they are upgraded. This is actually where grinding comes to the picture and it takes almost one thousand kills for the hard light to upgrade. It does not really matter if the enemies are PVE or they are guardians. So long as they are defeated.

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The hard catalyst drops from strikes and also nightfall. Harder the nightfall, the better the chances of a good composite score. Hard light is very handy in situations, it has the ability to destruct enemy shields. For some players, this means conquering the crucible battles on small maps and where continuous fire can wreak havoc. In the above article, get answers to different methods you can take to get hard light catalysts easily.