5 Common Email Management Errors to Avoid for Small Businesses

5 Common Email Management Errors to Avoid for Small Businesses

The average worker gets and sends 121 emails a day. Between work and personal emails, it’s easy to see how someone can spend a significant part of their day on email alone.

Email boxes and IT servers get clogged up with too many emails quickly. You could miss important opportunities and deadlines because of email management errors.

Managing business emails and personal emails is a challenge. You need an effective email management strategy to stay organized and on top of everything. For instance, you may leverage a bulk email sender to facilitate your marketing efforts.

Keep reading to learn what the top email management mistakes are and how you can avoid them.

1. Don’t Have an Email Schedule

One of the top mistakes that people make is that they feel they have to respond to every email as soon as they receive it.

Set aside certain times during the day to check and answer emails. Setting strong boundaries lets you get other things done during the day.

2. Spelling and Grammar Mistakes

Many people rush through their emails and send them off without editing them. This is a huge mistake because your emails could be full of spelling and grammar mistakes.

It shows recipients that you lack attention to detail. They’ll be less likely to trust you with important projects.

3. Lack of Security and Compliance

Businesses have to be wary of email usage. It’s often the gateway that hackers use to breach security protocols.

Businesses in certain industries such as healthcare and finance have to comply with privacy and data standards as well.

You need to have an email management plan to educate employees so they can identify phishing threats and scams. A data loss prevention plan helps you comply with regulations in your industry.

4. Too Many Unwanted Emails

Every time you sign up for a list, you give permission to receive emails from that company on a regular basis. Some companies, like retail stores, will email you several times a week.

Your inbox can end up with nothing but promotional material. It takes time to hit unsubscribe from all of those lists, but there are tools to help you unsubscribe from unwanted emails.

Take advantage of them and you’ll have fewer emails to manage.

5. Always Use Reply All

Here’s a pro tip: you don’t have to use ‘Reply All’ for every email. People get annoyed by that because the long chain of emails doesn’t apply to them.

If the question or information pertains to everyone in the email thread, then use ‘Reply All.’ However, if you have a question only for one person, just send it to that person.

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Avoid These Email Management Errors

There’s a lot at stake in email management. Your company has to stick with regulation guidelines, security measures, and find ways to organize emails.

You also make an impression when you send emails. Hopefully, you learned which email management errors you make on a regular basis so you can correct them.

Now that you know the best email management strategies, you’ll enjoy the other technology articles on the blog. Check them out today!