Why You Need an Arm Guard for Archery

Why You Need an Arm Guard for Archery?

If you are an archer, then, you certainly have an understanding of what a string slap is. A string slap is not something that happens to just a select few. It affects big-time professionals and newbies in the world of archery. When a sling slap happens, it usually causes an injury to the forearm. Although sling slaps cannot rally be stopped from happening occasionally, archers can keep themselves protected by the use of arm guards.

Armguards for archery have been around for ages and are usually worn by traditional archers of all levels. Nonetheless, they are more common among learners and amateurs. Although lots of traditional archers put on arm guards for archery, only a few of them know exactly what the reason for doing this is.

Since a lot of traditional archers that put on arm guards for archery are not sure of what its use is, lots of people involved in archery have always wondered what use of an arm guard for archery is. Is it for aesthetics? Or does it offer the arm some protection?

Now, an arm guard is not a requirement to make use of a bow and arrow. It, however, can offer your arm a great deal of protection when making use of a bow and arrow. Due to this, it is a requirement by governing bodies for those taking part in competitions.

What exactly is an arm Guard?

In its simplest state, an armguard is a piece of equipment that keeps the arm protected during archery. It is usually made of plastic, reinforced cloth, or leather. It is attached to the inside of the arm used in holding the bow. When worn, it braces the inner arm and prepares it the impact that could occur from a string slap.

String slaps do not usually occur. However, when they occur, they can be very painful. So, if a string slap occurs when you are not wearing an arm guard, you will have to deal with a lot of pain. A string slap is basically your arm getting in the path traveled by your string. If your hand remains in this position when you release the string, the string will hit your hand in what can best be described as a slap. If you are not putting on an arm guard when this occurs, you will have to deal with some pain and injury. However, if you have an arm guard on, you will not need to worry about feeling any pain.

How important is an Arm Guard for Archery?

Traditional bows are not just made from any material. They are made from materials that are really durable and can cope with harsh conditions. Furthermore, traditional bows shoot arrows at a speed of 200 feet per second. This should give you an idea of the impact they will have on your skin if there is a string slap and your skin is left unprotected.

What is an Archery Arm Guard Made From?

Archery arm guards are made from different materials and these materials are a strong determinant of how well they will fit. When an archery arm guard is made from soft leather, it fits the forearm’s contour and can be worn very easily.

Although arm guards can cover the entire arm, they are just perfect when they cover the forearm

How Do Arm Guards Stick to the Forearm?

Arm guards are popular for the protection they offer against sling slaps. However, beyond the protection that arm guards offer, fastening of the arm guard to the arm has to be given a lot of attention.

Arm guards do not just fit on the forearm on their own. They are fastened by various materials. Some of the materials used in fastening an arm guard to the forearm are nylon strapping, ribbons, and bungee cording. These various types of attachments have their different pros and cons. Due to this, the one you choose is basically dependent on your preferences.

Before going ahead to select a material for attaching your arm guard to your forearm, you should consider how your skin will react to the material being used to attach the arm guard to your arm. Certain materials such as nylon sometimes cause itching. Furthermore, leather attachments get shrunk under moisture. Due to this, they are not ideal for people that are looking to take off and put on their arm guard very frequently.

How to Make Use of an Arm Guard?

There are people that know what an archery arm guard is for and the various ways it can be attached. They, however, do not know how an arm guard can be used when shooting arrows.

To get the best out of the use of an archery arm guard, some of the things you should do are locate the part of your arm that is most vulnerable. This is usually not the same for various people. This implies that you should not assume the part that is vulnerable for one person is the same part vulnerable to you. As soon as you locate this part of your arm, go ahead and position your arm guard at that point.

Does Wearing an Arm Guard Help with Form?

It is not out of place for archers to experience a bad form once in a while. When an archer’s form is bad, there are various things that can be done to make their form better. Putting on an archery arm guard is not one of these things.

Although putting on an arm guard will not help with bad form, it can keep an archer protected from string slaps that are associated with bad form. In addition to keeping an archer protected from the several sling slaps that will occur when their form is bad, your bowstring always hitting your arm guard is a simple indication that your form is bad and you need to work on it. This implies that while an arm guard cannot help you improve on your form, it can help you detect your form is bad.

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