Why Tenant Signage Should Be Your Priority in 2021

Here’s Why Tenant Signage Should Be Your Priority in 2021

You’ve decided to open up a brand-new shop in a bustling part of town. Your equipment is ready to go, your staff are ready to serve, and your products and services are ready for delivery. There’s one thing you may be missing, though.

Tenant signage.

The reality is, retail success is almost impossible without proper signage. In fact, research shows that tenant signage can boost a business’s profits by 46%. That’s more than the 37% profit increase associated with word-of-mouth advertising.

Here’s a rundown on why business signage is so valuable for boosting your bottom line in 2021 and beyond.

Let’s jump in!

Tenant Signage Makes You Visible

Tenant signage is paramount to your success as a business owner because it makes you visible. Without a sign, customers simply won’t know you exist. Or, if they know you exist, they’ll have a hard time finding you and may go to your competitor instead.

Of course, not all business signs are created equal. Signs are helpful only if they are large enough for a driver to see while making their way down the road. A professional sign company can suggest sizes for your sign based on your local area’s sign codes.

Also, make sure that your sign is legible. Colors and text should make the sign easy to comprehend and decipher, so avoid using excessive artistic flair. Likewise, don’t include too much information on the sign.

In addition, consider installing a sign that will be easy to spot at night. And if you ever notice that your sign’s lighting isn’t working, be sure to repair or replace it immediately. This is particularly critical if your business operates during the evening/nighttime or early-morning hours. 

Tenant Signage Impacts Your Image

Yet another reason why tenant signage is invaluable is that it impacts your business’s image.

Your sign is the first impression you make on potential customers. For this reason, it is a major factor in your success as a business owner.

The right sign — such as multi tenant signs from MSK Signs — can drastically enhance your curb appeal and draw customers into your shop. Meanwhile, an unforgettable sign will make you seem invisible. Passers-by won’t even remember you’re there, even if they drive by the area every day.

In addition, a disheveled, outdated, and haphazard sign will make you look unprofessional and low quality.

All in all, the quality of your sign will influence the split-second decision a customer makes to visit your business or simply pass it up. 

Make the Most of Tenant Signage Today

With proper tenant signage, you can easily help your prospective and current customers to find you every time. On top of this, the right sign will help you to effectively build your business’s brand image.

For this reason, it’s critical that you enlist the help of a professional sign maker to create a sign that will make you stand out for all the right reasons. Follow the tenant signage tips above to effectively advertise your business and strengthen its reputation in the buying seasons ahead.

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