Why Non-Prescription Anxiety Meds May Be Right for You

Why Non-Prescription Anxiety Meds May Be Right for You?

Persistent anxiety can make life challenging. When the fear, uneasiness, and dread you experience outweighs your circumstances and won’t go away, you may feel like you’re fighting a losing battle. Anxiety can interfere with work, school, interpersonal relationships, and enjoying life. Fortunately, there are non-prescription solutions that can provide relief. This short guide introduces OTC anxiety meds with natural ingredients and proven benefits. 

No Harmful Ingredients

Prescription medications are available for treating anxiety. Concerns exist about their side effects or interactions with other substances. Depending on the medication, these can include drowsiness and fatigue along with hyperactivity, concentration difficulties, memory issues, and insomnia. They may require some time for users to see their benefits. With some, stopping the medication suddenly can cause undesirable or dangerous effects.

With all this in mind, some are seeking natural alternatives to anxiety medication. Brilliant is one such popular alternative, used by children and adults as an impactful solution for anxiety, irritability, hyperactivity, inattention, and restlessness. Brillia contains only one active ingredient — an antibody to the S100B protein that’s been linked to anxiety and other issues. No harsh synthetic chemicals are included, so users don’t experience the typical side effects that come with traditional anti-anxiety medications. 

A Natural Solution

How can an antibody to a common protein solve anxiety issues? To answer this question, let’s take a deeper look at the S100B protein. Found inside the human brain, S100B binds to calcium and keeps its levels within the normal range. It also helps neurons communicate with each other. But when S100B levels are too high, neurons can become overactive. This is a common cause of the anxiety, irritability, and inattention problems experienced by many people. 

Brillia’s chief ingredient is an antibody to the S100B protein. The fancy name for this antibody is Lapine S-100B immune globulin. It helps reduce S100B levels by binding only to that specific protein. Once this happens, the excess neural activity starts to decrease. 

You’ve now seen how Brillia targets a common cause of anxiety, irritability, and focus issues. Because it contains no harsh chemicals, it’s appropriate for use at nearly any age. It also does not require a prescription, and it won’t interact with any medication you’re already taking. That’s why it’s a safe and impactful anxiety medication for kids and adults. 

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Part of an Anxiety Management Plan

Like many homeopathic solutions, Brillia does need some time to achieve its effects. Experts advise that it typically takes about three weeks of daily dosing to realize cumulative effects. However, you may notice some immediate improvement in your symptoms. Consistency is key in achieving and maintaining benefits.

Brillia is part of a holistic five-pillar plan that approaches anxiety management from multiple angles. Restful sleep, mindfulness techniques, proper nutrition, and carefully managed screen time contribute to a healthy lifestyle. These practices can also help you maximize Brillia’s effects. These five pillars form an impactful strategy for targeting anxiety, reducing its effects, and enabling you to live a more fulfilling life.