Why Are Halo Engagement Rings So Popular

Why Are Halo Engagement Rings So Popular?

Halo engagement rings are incredibly popular because they look amazing on almost any finger and match any outfit. If you’re thinking about buying one, you’re probably wondering what makes halo engagement rings so expensive compared to other engagement rings and why so many people choose them over the different styles of rings. Let’s take a look at what sets halo engagement rings apart from others so you can make an informed decision about your choice of ring style.

Halo Engagement Rings History

Early examples of halo rings can be traced back to Victorian England, where gaudy diamond tiaras and other types of headgear were quite trendy. Queen Victoria was often depicted wearing elaborate diamond-encrusted crowns and headbands. During her reign, jewelers developed a style called princess or Turkish settings that allowed diamonds to dangle off earrings, hairpins, and brooches—and then transferred it to their wedding bands.

They set tiny diamonds in curved rows within a larger hoop ring, making it look like multiple gemstones are encircling one big center stone. Thus, the idea of halo rings was born. Many people thought halo engagement rings looked cheap or even tacky in their early days—they only took off after World War II when celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor started sporting them with pride on screen and in real life. At around 5 million dollars (adjusted for inflation), she reportedly paid more than any woman before she had ever spent on an engagement ring.

Halo Engagement Ring Style – Pave, Prong, or Micro Prong Setting

Halo engagement ring styles are available in three primary settings: pave, prong, or micro prong. The price you pay for your halo engagement ring will be determined by which style you choose. Halo ring prices for pave set diamonds start at about $1000, with a starting price of about $250 for prong and micro-prong set stones. Prongs are often thinner than those used in pave settings, adding to their value.

A micro-prong setting is less common than either a pave or prong setting because it doesn’t have as much visual impact on the overall look of an engagement ring. These small prongs don’t usually touch any part of a diamond outside its girdle (the perimeter surrounding its center). Also known as bezel settings, these tiny prongs help focus attention on a diamond’s center stone without covering it up entirely like larger head prongs do when they support additional smaller side stones.

The 4Cs of Engagement Rings

Color, cut, clarity and carat weight. Diamonds are not created equal. Different cuts appeal to different people, and even those who favor one shape can be convinced to change their minds if they’re presented with a diamond in a more favorable light. Color, clarity, and cut are easy to understand, but how do you calculate how much weight a diamond should have and what carat weight is anyway? Carats refer to a unit of measurement used for gemstones.

One carat consists of 200 milligrams or .007 ounces of mass. That might sound small but consider that most diamonds sold range today from around 1-3 carats (average 2). This means that a single diamond will weigh between 1/1000th and 1/300th of an ounce, about as heavy as two nickels stacked on top of each other. A smaller stone might seem less impressive than its larger sibling at first glance, but you need only compare them side by side to see just how noticeable size is when it comes to diamonds! Don’t forget that it’s also important when picking out your ring’s metal content. Platinum, white gold, and silver all show off diamonds differently, so consider researching before choosing your setting style!

Halo Engagement Ring Cost Breakdown

When you buy a diamond ring, you’re not just paying for that beautiful piece of shiny stone. You’re also paying for other aspects of its quality. The most important is called carat weight – which measures how big and heavy a diamond is about other diamonds of similar size. This determines what you should pay for it and will decide how much it costs to create your finished piece of jewelry.


Halo engagement rings are special because they’re different and unique. So, if you’re looking for something that catches your eye, then a Halo ring might be perfect for you. Even though they might seem like they’re more expensive than some others, remember that it’s better to spend money on what you want. While it might not save money in the long run, it will make you happy!