Which Mulch Color Is Right for Your Home?

Which Mulch Color Is Right for Your Home?

First of all, we have to say mulch is a strange word, don’t you think? Some people think it likely comes from the German word mulch, which means something soft that’s starting to decay.

In any case, mulch comes in a variety of forms. For instance, you can choose which mulch color and texture you want for your yard. And, we understand that you don’t want to splash your cash to then realize your mulch doesn’t look right for your home.

So in this quick guide, we will focus on how you can choose the right mulch color for your needs. Let’s do this!

How To Choose a Mulch Color

To begin with, we have to say whatever mulch color you choose, it won’t affect your plants in any. The only real reason why you should look at different types of mulch colors is for aesthetic purposes.

Think of using different mulch colors as a landscaping technique to highlight areas of your garden and create various moods. And yes, you can use more than one mulch color to create amazing and dynamic landscapes.

Black Mulch

Black mulch makes a bold and sleek statement in your yard. It looks clean and ashy, giving your outdoor space loads of depth.

It also gives a modern look to any outdoor space, which may work well for businesses. Plus, it works well to contrast whites and light grays.

Red Mulch

If you have a building that looks rather dull, drab, and gray, then red mulch can really liven things up. It will also add warmth to any colder-looking colors you may have on your home or business.

However, if you have a red brick home or building, red mulch can be serious overkill. Too much red can look sickly and unattractive.

Dark Brown Mulch

If you live in an area where the soil looks dry and unattractive, dark brown mulch can be a good choice. This type of mulch makes your earth look richer and more healthy.

Dark brown mulch also gives your outdoor space a sense of class and style. If you have an older home cottage-like home, this mulch type can complement it well.

Medium Brown Mulch

Out of all the different mulch colors, medium brown mulch has to be the most popular. The reason for this is it mimics real soil.

Furthermore, this type of mulch will work with any building, whether it’s modern or old. Choose this mulch color if you want your mulch to be subtle and hardly noticeable.

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Get Your Mulch Color Right

If in doubt, you should choose a mulch color that’s pretty neutral, like a medium to dark brown mulch. To be bolder, consider black or red mulches.

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