What You Should Know About Bathroom Fittings

What You Should Know About Bathroom Fittings?

Fancy bathroom fittings might not be the first thing on your mind when you remodel your old house or decorate your new apartment. Don’t make the mistake of overlooking it as your bathroom time is one of the precious times of enjoying solitude in your busy millennial schedule. 

With modern or chic designs of your house, your bathroom can also have luxurious fittings that provide your ultimate pleasure. It includes bathroom furniture, shower enclosures, baths, taps, showers, toilets, basins, tiles, walls, floors, heating, and accessories. 

Victoria Plum provides customized bathroom fitting options that you cannot ignore. 

Bathroom Furniture

As surprised as you might be, bathroom fittings come in multiple luxurious choices. Cloakroom furniture is designed to be efficient even within a small space. Vanity units have been cleverly designed to hide pipes. It combines a basin and a storage unit that gives a storage solution (some of them you can browse on Interiorbeat). 

Back-to-wall toilet units will aptly hide the flush into a series of designs for you to choose from. Your basin, mirror cabinets, and storage units can be matched to give a wonderful pattern in Bathroom furniture ranges. 

1. Shower enclosures

Quadrant shower enclosures are an ideal alternative to rectangular or square shower cabins. These give a modern look and solve your space issues. Walk-in showers are the best for a spacious bathroom. 

The easy access and chic design appeal to your aesthetic taste. Square or rectangular shower enclosures are conventions that will never get old. 

2. Baths

A long peaceful bath will make you ready to ace even a long tiring day. Ideal standard baths have a traditional approach to their very core. Whirlpool baths give you a classic whirlpool effect with multiple jet options to choose from. 

Get prepared to have a spa day in the comfort of your home. If you love both baths and showers, shower baths should be perfect for you. Freestanding baths come in contemporary design and can go perfectly well with every kind of home décor. 

3. Taps

Taps come in various shapes and designs. You can choose from a wide range of traditional tap sets, contemporary taps, bath taps, basin taps, freestanding bath taps, and many more.

4. Showers

Get your electric shower to enjoy an in-built heating mechanism that saves time. Mixer showers are available in various sizes and shapes. These are gaining huge popularity and have excellent control over hot and cold water. 

Traditional showers and ideal standard showers are still sold in numbers. Contemporary showers are for those within a tight budget but love everything fancy. Power showers will surprise you with a stream of water instead of the usual drizzles. 

5. Basins

Choose from the latest series of basins – wall-hung basins, semi pedestal basins, countertop, full pedestal, vanity units, or ideal standard basins.

6. Tiles, walls, and floors

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 You can get several vinyl flooring options that stay for years and give any look you want. Wall and floor tiles can be found in various designs, from natural shades to bold whites, in a matte or glossy finish. Shower panels can have various colors, designs and can be fitted way faster than tiles. 

Get your complete bathroom fittings today and indulge in a cozy yet opulent influence.