What to Expect During a Wellness Check

What to Expect During a Wellness Check?

Heart diseases are responsible for more than a quarter of deaths per year. It’s not a surprise that America’s number one health condition is a lifestyle disease. But you can always prevent lifestyle diseases by going for a wellness check from time to time.

Most people skip their yearly physical exams because they appear healthy. However, some symptoms of fatal diseases only appear in the final stages.

You can curb the health issues before they occur by this preventative care method.

It’s okay if you are skeptical about visiting a wellness doctor. Here are some of the tests you should expect during a wellness check.

BMI Tests

The Body mass index is a simple measure that uses your height and weight to calculate your body fat. When the index is on the upper side, it indicates you’re overweight and at risk of getting cardiovascular diseases.

Doctors can recommend practices that will reverse these conditions if detected early. Some measures include prescribing supplements to help you regain normal BMI.

Eye Tests

If you’re having issues with your vision, you ought to seek treatment early. When left untreated, eye problems result in more critical conditions. Thus, doctors aim at treating these conditions early.

Family Health History

In the annual wellness visit, doctors will ask about your family’s health history. Having this information will help doctors make a solid diagnosis.

Some strains of illnesses trickle down generations. So you’re at a higher risk of having them than the rest of the population. Doctors will help you understand how much risk you face.

Vaccine Shots

Even though you were immunized against specific diseases as a toddler, you’ll need a vaccine shot from time to time. This is because a new strain of disease might have cropped up that year.

Take, for instance, the coronavirus. Doctors administer new vaccines at these annual checkup appointments.

Blood Pressure Tests

Doctors administer tests that measure pressure in a patient’s arteries. Blood pressure is a good measuring index of stress levels in individuals.

Besides, it informs you of your risk of heart disease. It’s always a concern if your blood pressure is too high or too low. These doctors will recommend foods that will adjust your blood pressure levels accordingly.

Check for Lumps

A yearly physical exam is essential for the early detection of cancer. Doctors will check your thyroid glands and abdomen for any abnormalities.

A body scan might reveal small cancerous lumps. If detected, doctors recommend an early operation to contain the spread of cancer.

Annual Wellness Check

Doctors advise patients to go for a wellness exam at least once a year. Most insurances cover the annual wellness visit but might not pay for all tests.

The main aim of a wellness check is to give your doctor updated bio-information. In that way, they can advise you on diet and other choices that will promote health.

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