Type of Bike for Commuting

What Is the Best Type of Bike for Commuting?

Did you know that cycling to work can add up to 14 months to your lifespan? Swapping your typical commute for a bike can help the environment and your health. But what is the best type of bike for commuting?

In this article, we will show you the commuter bike options available. Read on to find the perfect commuter bike for your lifestyle.

Commuter Bike Options

Most bikes can work for commuting. You will want to add a mudguard to protect your work clothes. You can also add racks for carrying everything you need.

Some bikes are commuting-specific. These come ready to go with all you need for your ride to and from work.

Road Bikes

Road bikes are best for those with long distances to ride on paved roads. This type of bike is built for speed. When riding a road bike, you will sit forward in an aerodynamic position.

Since road bikes are built with speed in mind, they may not be a good choice if you have a lot to carry. There are no extra holding zones on a road bike. Road bikes are also best for experienced riders.

Urban Bikes

Urban bikes are durable and have many comfort features. The rider will sit upright with this design. They tend to come with baskets and luggage racks for holding cargo.

These bikes are best for flat city commutes. If you don’t have far to go, this is a great bike for you. They allow you to wear your work clothes on your commute because of the frame design.

Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bikes combine the streamlined road bike and the sturdy mountain bike. These bikes allow you to travel on rougher routes in comfort. They allow you to ride in an upright position which is better when in traffic.

Hybrid bikes are versatile and are useful in many situations. You can change them to meet your commuting needs. It makes a perfect commuter bike for beginners.

Commuter E-Bikes

These bikes open up the possibility of bike commuting to a wider audience. They provide pedal assistance up to 28 mph! E-bikes allow you to better keep up with traffic while keeping you comfortable.

This type of commuter bike allows you to ride up hills without sweating through your clothes. You can cover more distance in a shorter time as well. It opens up bike commuting to those with a longer journey.

You still reap the health benefits of cycling on an e-bike, too! Even with the pedaling help, you can build your endurance on an e-bike. You are just able to cover more distance while using it!

What Is the Best Type of Bike for Commuting?

Choosing the best type of bike for commuting will depend on how you plan to use your bike. For long distances and maximum comfort, go with a commuting e-bike. They are designed for beginners and will shorten your commute!

If you are an experienced rider with a paved commute, you may want to choose a road bike. Short, city commutes are best for urban bikes.

No matter which commuter bike you choose, we hope this article was helpful! If you’d like to learn more, check out our health and lifestyle sections!

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