What Is LinkGraph.io

Television, print, and radio advertising were the most common marketing tools used in the last century. People watching TV would see TV ads, while those reading articles could see print ads. Companies also invested in billboard ads and location-specific ads, such as ads inside buses.

Today, the internet has reshaped marketing strategies. Businesses must have a website and need a solid online presence to compete globally. The most effective business websites do more than provide business and product information. They’re optimized to drive organic traffic to their pages, increasing the company’s profile and expanding its client base. Search engine optimization (SEO) agencies, such as LinkGraph, provide optimization services. Let’s examine LinkGraph’s services and how your business benefits from working with their SEO and link-building experts.

What Services Does Linkgraph Provide?

SEO agencies use proven tactics to improve a website’s domain authority (DA) score. Search engines are internet tools people use to find information or sites online. Users open a search engine, such as Bing, and enter keywords into the search bar. The search engine reviews data about the 1.88 billion websites online, compiles a list of websites featuring those keywords, and presents the user’s search engine results pages (SERPs). The sites featuring the appropriate keywords with the highest DA scores appear first.

Search engines assign DA scores based on the website’s attributes and features. A site with a straightforward menu accessible on all pages will receive a better navigation score than a site that only includes the menu on the home page. Sites that load quickly receive better response time scores than sites that take a long time to load. Search engines send bots to gather data about each website. The bots add up points for site optimization features, deduct points for negative features, use featured keywords to categorize the site, and assign a DA score.

The SEO and link-building experts at LinkGraph.io use optimization techniques to boost your site’s search engine ranking. Optimizing your site involves adding positive features and reducing or eliminating negative ones. SEO and link-building agencies offer various services, including technical SEO, on-page SEO, local SEO, link-building, content management, and SEO reputation management services.

Technical SEO refers to addressing issues with your website that affect its search engine ranking. SEO experts ensure your site uses appropriate meta descriptions and title tags, which bots favor. They may replace large files, such as images, with condensed files to improve upload speeds. They’ll ensure internal links work correctly and that your site’s easy to navigate, ensuring search engine bots give your site high scores.

Adding backlinks to your site is another way to strengthen your site’s ranking. A simple way to increase backlinks involves contributing blog posts to industry blogs and adding a link to your site in your bio. When you employ an SEO and link-building agency, their experts will identify industry sites with strong DA scores, create suitable content, and place it on those sites. Adding backlinks to industry sites increases the probability that you’ll attract visitors interested in what your company offers. Adding backlinks to sites with high DA scores lends your site credibility, which also boosts your site’s ranking.

Publishing new content is part of an SEO content strategy. Adding new content increases the number of keywords used and optimizes your keywords to include niche words and phrases. This is an effective way to increase the number of SERPs featuring your website and boost its ranking. SEO content services also include link-building services.

Reputation management experts use link-building and public relations tactics to boost your brand and counter negative commentary about your business. They use SEO strategies to elevate positive reviews.

LinkGraph is an SEO and link-building agency that uses various SEO services to increase your website’s search engine ranking. Some SEO strategies offered include technical SEO and reputation management services.