What Is a Session Replay Tool and Why Do I Need It

What Is a Session Replay Tool and Why Do I Need It

Despite the unprecedented growth of the eCommerce sector in recent years, as much as 90 percent of online businesses fail within 120 days. The inability to attract or retain customers is the most commonly cited factor for this high failure rate.

The online business space can be incredibly competitive. One way to stand out and attract customers is by providing an exceptional digital user experience (UX).

Poor user experience kills more online businesses than you may imagine. 88 percent of online shoppers shun a website after one bad user experience. Investing in a reliable session replay tool can help you avert this problem.

Session replay tools are meant to give you a clear picture of users’ experience when they visit your site. This way, you can take appropriate action to give your users the best experience possible.

But exactly what is session replay? What benefits can you expect from session replay software?

This guide tackles these questions. Let’s delve right in.

What Is Session Replay?

Session replay refers to the replication of a user’s journey on your website or application. Other terms for this process include session playback, session recording, and user replay.

Session replay is an integral part of a digital business’s optimization process. It can help boost both your conversation rates and your conversion rate optimization (CRO) activities.

A variety of session replay software can help you visualize a visitor’s experience in your eCommerce site. This software records a user’s movements in your website, such as their clicks, keystrokes, taps, and scrolls in real-time. Such information can prove beneficial in improving the customer experience.

Who Needs Session Replay Tools?

Anyone in your organization who needs to find user experience issues within your eCommerce site can benefit from session replay software. That’s why it’s probably not a good idea to limit the access of this software to just one person or team.

Generally, web analysts, digital marketers, digital optimizers, customer success managers, eCommerce specialists, and UX designers stand to gain the most from session replay.

Regardless of who within your organization utilizes the software, the end goal should always be to enhance the end-user experience.

Why You Need Session Replay Software

Now that you’ve seen what session replay is, it’s time to see how a reliable session replay tool can boost your business. Here are eight top benefits you can expect by investing in session replay software.

You Get to Enhance Conversion Rates

Attracting traffic to your business site is not enough. You need to make the most out of that traffic using such CRO techniques as A/B testing and heatmap analysis.

Through session replay software, you can get the inputs you need for your conversions. You get to see what you need to test based on the users’ interaction with your site.

The best session replay tools also provide insights into where users are encountering issues and getting frustrated. You can then tweak these areas to please your visitors and boost your conversion rates.

You Can Identify Poor UX Design

Poor UX design can render your eCommerce site extremely difficult to navigate. As a result, users abandon your site and may never come back. You keep experiencing high bounce rates and poor conversion rates, which can kill your business.

The right session replay software helps you understand how various web design elements work best across a variety of devices, browsers, resolutions, and audiences. It reveals bad UX design and poor navigation, so you can perform the required tweaks to resolve the issue.

Through session replay, you can also detect areas in your site that exert a cognitive load on users and remove them.

It’s Easier to Track Web Page Problems

No website is perfect. The best you can do is to optimize your business site to avoid errors occurring repeatedly.

A top-notch session replay tool can reveal your page loading times, concealed CTA buttons, broken links, form-related problems, and much more. You get a clear picture of what areas negatively impact visitors’ interest and fix them.

It’s Easier to Tackle Onboarding Challenges

As soon as a visitor converts into a paying customer, the next step is to onboard that customer into your brand and product. If you don’t get this step right, it could lead to customer churn and loss of revenue.

With session replay, you can help onboard customers appropriately by tracking their behavior patterns. You get to see what features are most used and which ones customers tend to ignore. It’s also easier to identify interest drop-offs and minimize churn.

You Can Determine Feature Adoption

Through session replays, it’s easy to see how visitors are using new features. Where the software you’re using can segment visitors, it becomes simpler to see the value of a particular feature to a specific audience. This way, your marketers can plan promotions accordingly.

You Get to Boost Customer Support

One of the top reasons for using session replays is to pacify your disgruntled visitors. By viewing the recordings, you can see which areas are frustrating users. You get a context of potential questions your users have even before asking them and resolving issues quickly before they visit your site again.

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Leverage the Power of Session Replay Software to Boost Your Business

The right session replay software can provide comprehensive insights into the behavior of visitors to your business site. With these insights, you can take appropriate action to boost user experience and ultimately enhance conversion rates.

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