Benefits of Camping

What Are the Impressive Benefits of Camping?

Every year, we see a rise in the number of households that go camping in America. Why are so many people packing up and heading out for a night under the stars?

Camping isn’t just about roughing it or proving that you can contend with Mother Nature. There are tons of benefits of camping that you may not know about if you’ve never given it a shot.

Don’t worry. We don’t expect you to take our word for it and dive into the world of camping tonight. We’re here to tell you just what those camping benefits are before you try them out for yourself.

Read on as we discuss the many benefits of camping that you may not have considered before.

Getting a Change of Scenery

Why do we take any vacation? To bust through the doldrums of our day-to-day and reinvigorate our spirit. Camping is a great way to get that much-needed change of scenery in a really effective way.

Heading out on a weekend camping trip doesn’t just give you new sights to explore. It takes you into a totally different environment. Getting out into the woods, mountains, lakesides, or beaches is a great way to check out of the hustle and embrace a little peace.

Breathing In the Fresh Air

Let’s face it: clean air is hard to find these days. Cities and metropolitan suburbs are contending with pollution. Even our homes can suffer from poor air quality caused by anything from dust and dander to smog and ozone.

How can we give our lungs a much-needed cleanse? Head to the parts of the world that aren’t yet developed. National parks and preserves are a great place to start–just make sure that you’re setting up camp at a designated campsite.

Resetting Your Internal Clock for Better Sleep

Are you having trouble falling asleep lately? Do you find yourself staying up later and later with each passing night? It’s time for a reset of your internal clock, and a few nights of unplugged bliss may do the trick.

Stress isn’t the only thing keeping us up at night. It’s also all of the artificial light we surround ourselves with on a regular basis. Without all of that electricity and all of those screens, you can allow your body to start to wind down as the sun drops and get back to an earlier bedtime.

Reducing Stress

Okay, let’s back up a second and talk about that little pest we just mentioned: stress. We all deal with it. Most of us experience at least some stress each day as a result of our never-ending responsibilities.

When you go camping, you only have a few responsibilities. You need to meet your basic needs, like the need for food, water, and shelter. Otherwise, you’re free to follow your bliss, whether that involves hiking a mountain or relaxing in a hammock with a good book.

Spending a few days out in nature can do wonders to bust stress. Set that out of office message and enjoy some time away.

Connecting With Fellow Campers

As you have probably picked up on by now, camping reduces a lot of the distractions we’re used to in our daily lives. Your phone may not get a consistent signal, so you can’t scroll on social media. Your boss can’t expect you to come in on the weekend or jump on a conference call.

This is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your friends and loved ones. Without all of the distractions, you can focus on what matters. If you have a relationship that needs a reboot, consider making that person your camping buddy for a few days.

Improving Confidence

It doesn’t matter if you choose to backpack for a week or car camp for a weekend. Packing for a camping trip and thriving in nature is a great way to improve your confidence.

Why is this the case? Camping requires us to get by with so few of the objects that we consider essential. When you realize that you can cook a full meal over a campfire and serve it up on Barebones enamelware, you realize that you’re capable of more than you ever realized.

Connecting With Nature

Looking at the full scope of human history, our divorce from nature is unusual. Many of us live in urban or suburban areas where we might see a few birds and squirrels, but not much else. To be better stewards of the planet, it’s important that we remember that we’re not the only ones on it.

Connecting with nature is something that we were designed to do. Chances are that if the idea of camping doesn’t appeal to you, it’s because you’ve forgotten just how magical it is to be surrounded by wildlife.

Opening Up More Travel Options

How many vacations do you take a year? If the answer is one or two (or less), think about what’s stopping you. Is it the expense of traveling?

One of the biggest reasons to go camping is that you unlock travel options you never had before. Most vacations cost several hundred (or thousand) dollars between dining, accommodations, and entertainment. Camping is a low-cost way to reap all of the rewards of taking time off.

Which Benefits of Camping Excite You Most?

If you’ve never been camping, we urge you to add it to your 2022 must-do list. The benefits of camping are hard to beat and the best way to find out more is to give it a try!

Camping offers great ways to improve your health, from improving your sleep to lowering your stress. If you’re looking for more ways to boost your health, take a look at our health content.

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