Top Challenges That Students Face While Moving into a Hostel in Hyderabad

Top Challenges That Students Face While Moving into a Hostel in Hyderabad

Moving out of home and into a new city for college is the defining moment of most of our lives. And when your university is located in a city like Hyderabad, you know that the move is just the beginning of an exciting new life. So, you pack your bags, say goodbye to your parents, and get ready to start this new phase of your journey in a boys hostel in Gachibowli. But as someone who has never lived in shared housing before, you’ve got some surprises waiting for you.

Living in a hostel for the first time in your life can take some getting used to. After all, you’re sharing your space with so many others and there are set rules and regulations that you’re expected to follow. Most of all, you have to get used to taking care of yourself without your parents telling you to sleep on time or eat your veggies. Well, challenges are part and parcel of hostel life. That’s why we’re here to highlight the top challenges that students face while moving into a hostel in Hyderabad, as well as how to tackle them.

Space Constraints

At home, you had plenty of space to yourself. But in your hostel, you’ll find privacy and storage are both rare commodities. If you’re sharing a room, the storage space you’ll have for your belongings will have to be divided too. Getting used to a small room and a single wardrobe can be a little difficult initially but there are several ways to maximise your space. Use the area under your bed for storing larger items like suitcases or storage bins with off-season items, and place hooks inside your cupboard doors to make use of your vertical space too. There are many storage hacks that you can find on the internet that will help your hostel room feel less small.


Gone are the days when you could enter the kitchen and raid the fridge every time you felt peckish. In your hostel in Hyderabad, you’ll probably have some set timings for meals that you’ll have to adhere to. Yes, this might take some adjustment or require you to change your schedule a little, but make sure you make it to your dining hall on time. By doing so, you’ll ensure you always have fresh food instead of leftovers. Even if you’re not hungry, you could collect the food for yourself and microwave it later if you so desire. And of course, remember to have a stock of microwave meals or healthy snacks in your room to satisfy your midnight cravings too. Getting used to the food that’s served in your hostel is the best way to take care of your health without skipping meals or having to order out all the time.


Multiple people sharing the same common spaces can get a little tricky especially when hygiene is concerned. That’s why it’s important to take care of your own. When it comes to shared spaces like washrooms, dining halls, or common rooms, remember to leave things behind the way you would like to find them. This rule of thumb will ensure you’re doing your bit to keep your hostel clean. Having a pair of rubber slippers that you can wear around the hostel is also essential as you really don’t want to venture around in bare feet. And although the temptation to roll out of bed and head straight to class from your hostel might strike you, make sure you’re taking care of your personal hygiene too.

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For most people, your college hostel is your first experience of living with roommates. And this can be a bit of a challenge. While there’s no magic formula that can help you have excellent relationships with the co-residents in your men’s hostel in Madhapur, there are some basic etiquette tips that will help you have a smooth start. Share your schedule with your roommate so that you can coordinate around each other’s routines, divide your chores evenly between yourself, try to get to know them better, and be honest in your communication. These tips should help you develop a good relationship with your roommate and make your hostel life a lot more comfortable.

And there you have it. Those are the top challenges that students face in hostels in Hyderabad and how you can combat them. Go ahead and try them out. We wish you all the best for your college journey!