Tips to Make a Perfect Weekend Plan

Tips to Make a Perfect Weekend Plan

Perfect weekend plans don’t exist. Either, it changes at the last moment or either it doesn’t go as per plan. Well, you must have tried hard to create a plan and got disappointed when it didn’t go as planned. The weekend plan fails because you weren’t sure about your plan, your interest in the plan wasn’t enough and, hence laziness took over or else you weren’t feeling it.

During this pandemic, the weekend the plan has become meaningless as you stay at one place and sometimes you don’t even have an idea about which day of the week it is. Since unlocking is happening slowly and steadily, people have started going for getaways or short trips to nearby locations. Few are still waiting at home for vaccinations and thinking about how to have a perfect weekend plan. Yes, health is important, and precautions should be taken but, it’s up to you to decide what’s best for you after reflecting on mental and physical health.

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Let’s Get Started With The Tips That Will Give You Ideas To Create One Perfect Weekend Plan

Complete that Series

Yes, we have been binge-watching during lockdown our favourite web series but, the truth is there wasn’t any new series that got launched during the lockdown. Since unlocking has started and the entertainment industry is back on its feet, suddenly there’s been so many new Indian web series coming up. Make a list of them and create your must-watch web series playlist and dedicate your weekend to enjoying them. You can invite your closest friends and plan the series party together. Make sure you download them before so that even if the internet connection is lost, you won’t have any interruption in your plan.

1. Get Some Sun

Getting some sunshine to boost your health is an important part of well being. If you have your vehicle, then plan an early morning trek to a spot that you haven’t visited yet. Set yourself out early in the morning so that after the climb is complete, you can see the beautiful sunrise and an opportunity to get mesmerized by the natural beauty. You can spend your time till afternoon and let the sun soak in your skin. The feeling you get after completing your trek is beyond explanation. Make sure you get the map ready and every essential thing has been carried by you. To make it successful, write your trek plan and make a list of things you need to do and then check off the completed ones.

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2. Involve Cleaning

Did you know that a good spirit and a positive vibe dwells only in clean surroundings? Yes, therefore there’s a phrase that says “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. If you are not feeling the vibe at your home, (I am not talking about being bored at home) you must understand that messiness doesn’t draw the good vibes. Dedicate weekend plans for cleaning your house, be it furniture or your bedroom or drawing room, just do it. List out all the actions required to clean your target area. Prepare and arrange all the cleansing tools you are required beforehand so that the last minute helter-skelter doesn’t lead you to backing out. 

3. Grooming Day

Self-love and self-care are essential activities to be done during the weekend, but we often tend to miss that. One must dedicate at least one weekend once a month for grooming themselves. You surely know that our body needs to look and feel good from the outside and not only from the inside. Looking good outside builds self-confidence and boosts our self-esteem. Give yourself a spa day be it body spa or hair spa. You can also have homemade facials or just do that manicure/pedicure by yourself, this will be like an engaging activity and will save you a few bucks.

4. Digital Break

The whole week we are stuck with our laptop, phone and tablets and constantly feeding all digital food in our head, hence it becomes necessary to take a digital detox on the weekend. Even if you are going for weekend getaways, you can still take a digital break by keeping your phone aside or just leaving it behind at home and only one person carries a phone that comes along with you. If you are planning to stay back at home, then live like you are in the 1970s. Let old school weekends return once in a while. Social media have taken over us so much that during our break or whenever we are relaxing or having vacations, we still get glued to our screens. Does that make sense for unwinding on the weekend? Think about it and seriously try once.

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Wrapping up

All the tips above will surely help to create your perfect weekend plan, also don’t forget to see that each tip, in itself, is a plan. So if you think you don’t have a “Pla”, our tips will surely get you the Plan in the least.