Tips To Create Great Slideshow Videos

Tips To Create Great Slideshow Videos

Slideshow videos present an easy way to showcase a deck of slides, without going through the whole rigmarole of making an entire PowerPoint presentation. Creating PowerPoint presentations can be an arduous task for scores of users across all levels of experience. It is hence much more convenient for them to create slideshow videos and showcase their ideas as best they can, without worrying about the intricacies of presentation software.

While creating a slideshow video is an easy job, creating one that can stand out can be tough. It is hence essential to use the following tips when you want to create a slideshow video.

1. Plan It Out: 

When making a slideshow video, it is vital to have an end for the video in your mind even before you have started the video. The video should have a defined structure. This is signified by it having a defined beginning, body, and ending. If you begin the video without having a defined ending to the video in mind, you risk the video going awry. This may mean it is longer or shorter than usual, or even difficult to comprehend for the viewer. Having a clear ending to the video in mind will help you work toward your ending and plan all the slides leading up to it. This is useful if you wish to make your video stand out among the crowd.

2. Quality of Picture

Since each still of a slideshow video is a picture, all the photos used in the video must be of high quality. The quality of your video can be decided by the scale at which it is going to be shown. If it is meant for showing mainly on small screens, the quality of pictures matters significantly less than if it is going to be displayed on a laptop screen, a TV, or even a larger screen. If all the content to be used in the video is necessarily required to be original. Make sure not to use old mobile phone cameras to take your pictures. Using a DSLR or higher-level camera is always recommended to increase picture quality manifold.

3. Order

As explained earlier, the structure of your video matters a lot when making the video. Nobody prefers an incomprehensible video without a defined storyline. Hence, the order of the slides to be included in the slideshow video must be decided beforehand and adhered to. You can use any online video editor to determine a custom order for the slides that you wish to include in your video. I a number of such software also allows you to add custom transitions between the slides of your video. Focusing on the order of the slides will also help you remain within the time constraints for your video.

4. Music

As in any video, the piece can be just as important as the images included. Hence, the theme of the video must match the slides that have been added to it. You can use any music slideshow maker to add multiple music tracks to different slides of your video. The rationale behind this is that if the music does not match your image, the video can seem strange and out of place to the viewer. Adding appropriate music to the video can take the experience of viewership to the next level, and increase the viewer’s interest in the story that you wish to tell.

5. Reducing Text

While slideshow videos are supposed to be a series of images strung together in a particular order, there is no strict rule against the inclusion of text in these videos. However, it is highly recommended that the text be kept to as low a level as possible. Too much text seriously takes away from the slideshow. This is because reading text requires effort on the part of the video viewer, and adding a lot of text can also mean posing a challenge to the viewer’s reading speed. Slides full of text also do not look good on screen, especially when they are included between or among image slides. Hence, when adding text, keeping it to as low a limit as possible should generally be a followed rule.

6. Personalization: 

It is always great to add a little bit of a personal touch to the videos you make. Especially if the slideshow video is meant for informational purposes, it is not a bad idea to make known the maker of the video. You can add your little message, caption, or even a logo at the end of the video. These also make the video look professional and have been known to increase credibility in the maker of the video. Personalization is more likely to have a client return to you with a further assignment than if you make an explicit video. If the video is posted online, you may even include your social media addresses toward the video’s end.

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7. Photo Finish: 

While well begun is half done, it is also extremely essential to have a great ending for your video. This is why it is generally recommended to think of an ending before you start making the video. This is because the ending of your video decides the scale and ambition of your video. When you start a video, you are generally supposed to work toward an ending from the down up. Having a magnificent ending can make the video-watching experience great for the viewer. The music should also match the scale of the ending appropriately and ideally leave an image of the ending with the viewer of the video.

Bottle Line

Hence, making a slideshow video can be easy, but it is also essential to make your video stand out. The tips enumerated above are sure to provide a great helping hand in making you do so. So put on your creative hats, and get to making your first video!