Myths & Reality Of Wisdom Tooth Removal

The Myths & Reality Of Wisdom Tooth Removal

As a species, we are constantly evolving and developing and some of the attributes we have, we no longer really need. This could certainly be said about our wisdom teeth, as we now eat processed food and no longer need these thick molars that are used for grinding and chewing food. Typically, your wisdom teeth are the last to erupt, which usually happens in the late teens or early twenties and for many people, extraction is the best option, as there is not enough room for complete eruption.

Here are some of the common myths related to wisdom teeth.

Wisdom Teeth Must Be Extracted – 

Here’s a myth (where do they all come from?) that has no basis in reality; the dentist only recommends wisdom tooth extraction when there is insufficient space for complete eruption. Even though we no longer need this third set of molars, the sensible thing to do is leave them to erupt naturally and if there is enough room in the jaw for that to happen, the dentist will advise against extraction.

Everyone Has Third Molars, Or Wisdom Teeth – 

You would be forgiven for thinking that every human being has wisdom teeth, yet dentists estimate that as much as 35% of the population do not have the third set of molars. A set of jaw X-Rays would help the dentist locate your wisdom teeth, if you have them, that is. Some people have wisdom teeth, yet they are not visible, as they remain below the gum surface and the only time the dentist will recommend wisdom teeth extraction is if they do not have adequate space to fully erupt. Make an appointment to see the dentist. If you would like to know if you have wisdom teeth, contact a North Shore dental clinic for those living in the area. As for those located elsewhere, especially those in other countries, a quick search through Google should lead you to a reputable local clinic.

Wisdom Teeth Always Cause Problems – 

This is most definitely not the case; many people have zero issues with the eruption of their wisdom teeth and some are not even sure if they have a third set of molars or not. If you are unsure whether you have wisdom teeth, ask your dentist to take a few X-rays, which will determine if you are one of the 35% that do not have this set of molars. If you are in that group, don’t worry, you aren’t missing out on anything and your second molars are more than capable of chewing your food.

The Reality Of Wisdom Teeth Treatment

As a person enters their teen years, their dentist would be aware that the wisdom teeth might erupt shortly and should X-Rays show crowded teeth, the dentist might recommend early extraction. The earlier wisdom teeth are removed, the easier the extraction, as the older the teeth, the more they integrate with the gum tissue and bone, making the extraction harder. If the dentist does not see any issues with your wisdom teeth, they probably wouldn’t mention it and eruption would occur naturally.

The reason the 3rd set of molars is called ‘wisdom teeth’ is that they are the last set of teeth that erupt usually in the late teens, hence the name.