The Best Ghost Tour in New Orleans

The Best Ghost Tour in New Orleans

New Orleans may be the most haunted city in America. This paranormal tendency is due mainly to the long, rich history of the city and its inhabitants. However, the most recent cause of potential hauntings is the city’s role during the American Civil War and the unfortunate slave trade. The city is full of cemeteries, taverns, hotels, homes, and mansions that almost all have some supernatural tale accompanying them. Some of these sites are home to friendlier spirits, while others hold a more ominous presence. No matter if you’re a believer in the paranormal or a hardened skeptic, you’ll learn plenty of history and maybe even come face to face with an apparition in this haunted city.

But how are you supposed to explore the storied past of New Orleans? You might start by searching for ghost tours in New Orleans online, or you can schedule a tour with the best: US Ghost Adventures. Today, we’ll explore what this ghost tour company has to offer and what sorts of thrills and locations you might visit if you’re brave enough to try.

The Witch of the Opera still haunts New Orleans.

One of the most notable stops on the New Orleans ghost tour is at the New Orleans French Opera House, which was considered the most famous opera house in the United States for a time. In fact, New Orleans earned the title of the opera capital of America thanks to this opera house. Unfortunately, however, the New Orleans Opera House burnt down in 1919, though many say some of the performers’ spirits still linger. The most reported ghost is the Witch of the Opera House. Marguerite, one of the performers, had quickly risen to stardom before her looks faded and her husband passed, leaving her in financial ruin. Although she regained her footing and opened a bakery, she fell in love with her pastry chef, and their professional relationship quickly turned to romance. Unfortunately, the pastry chef had an interest in a younger woman. Upon suspecting her lover was having an affair, she followed him and found him with the younger woman. Marguerite then suffocated the two lovers using the gas line in the fireplace. Afterward, she was riddled with guilt and hanged herself in the New Orleans Opera House. To this day, many people claim to hear her wailing screams, earning her the nickname, the Witch of the Opera House. However, if you want to potentially hear or see her yourself, you’ll just have to book a tour and explore the remains of the area yourself.

Evil still lurks in the Lalaurie Mansion.

If you’ve ever heard of ghost stories from New Orleans or watched the television series “American Horror Story,” then you know about Delphine Lalaurie. Delphine Lalaurie is one of the most notorious serial killers in American history. She left an unforgettable mark on New Orleans before fleeing to France and escaping punishment for her heinous crimes.

Today, the property is said to be haunted by the many victims of her gruesome cruelty. Lalaurie hid her true colors well in public, offering niceties to passing African Americans and treating her enslaved people well. However, behind closed doors, her real personality reared its ugly face. Lalaurie transformed her mansion into a makeshift torture chamber where she inflicted pain and suffering on the enslaved people of her estate before murdering them in various ways. Finally, a fire started by one of the mansion’s elderly cooks exposed Lalaurie for what she indeed was, a monster. When investigators found severed limbs, enslaved people hanged by the neck, and even the bodies of young children she had murdered, she made her escape. Today, the spirits of her victims are said to remain.

Learn about New Orleans’ history and possibly experience the paranormal yourself.

US Ghost Adventures offers numerous tours throughout this haunted city, including those mentioned above. However, if you want to see these sites for yourself, you’ll just have to book a tour.