Super Cool Company Swag Ideas

Super Cool Company Swag Ideas

When it comes to free stuff, people can go crazy. We may not even want it, but we’ll still take it.

But as a company, you want your employees to want the free stuff. So how do you make your company merch look cool? And how do you make sure that people who see your employees using this stuff also want it?

That’s where these cool company swag ideas come in.

Tech Accessories

With so many people constantly on their phones, their computers, or their tablets, having tech accessories as company swag is a great idea. It’s also great for advertisement purposes that other people can see.

You can put all of the swag on Axomo for others to see.

Silicone Phone Wallet

Having a silicone phone wallet is a branded merch idea that can’t go wrong. How many times have you brought your phone somewhere but forgotten your wallet? Well, with a phone wallet, you wouldn’t have to worry about that!

It makes things much more convenient.

Portable Phone Charger

Having a portable phone charger as branded merch will be extremely beneficial to your employees! They’ll always have a charge wherever they go, and when they charge, they’ll be advertising the company!

Self-Care Swag

Nowadays, everyone loves a bit of self-care. And if you are a company that prioritizes self-care, then you are going to attract more and more customers and workers.

Custom Bar Soap

You can have a custom bar soap made for company swag. Just etch in the company name or logo onto the soap, and boom! You have a self-care company swag item.

Hand Sanitizer

After being in the pandemic for the last two plus years, having hand sanitizer has become second nature for many of us. Creating custom swag labels for hand sanitizer is the perfect wag idea to welcome new customers and employees!

Eco-friendly Products

Sustainability is the newest trend in the world of company products. That means you should start to provide eco-friendly company swag ASAP.

Reusable Straws

Giving reusable straws to your employees not only shows them that you care, but it also helps the environment! You can even have your reusable straws custom-made.

Reusable Grocery Bag

You can’t go wrong with a reusable grocery bag. Your employees can use this to bring stuff to work, get their groceries, pack random items in, etc. There are so many uses!

Whether you make the logo small on the bag or make the entire bag display the logo, you’ll be getting your brand name out there.

Use These Company Swag Ideas

It can be difficult to come up with company swag ideas that actually stand out from the typical pencil and notebook. But with these ideas, you’ll have some of the best custom swag out there!

Did you enjoy learning about cool swag ideas to use for your company? Check out some other fun ideas we have on our site!

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