Take Your Traditional Attire To The Next Level With Stunning Modern Diamond Bangles!

Take Your Traditional Attire To The Next Level With Stunning Modern Diamond Bangles!

Accessories are the cherry on top of any traditional attire. And one of the pieces that have become a staple in Indian traditional looks is bangles. While bangles in themselves look absolutely stunning and bring out your culture and tradition on your wrist, diamond bangles can very well be considered a style that has become highly coveted and desired among Indian women. So, here are some modern diamond bangle designs to keep you looking glam, even when the day is over!

Classic Diamond Bangle Designs

Diamond bangles come in many different styles, which you could either wear as standalone pieces or combine with other bangles.

1. Bangles and Emeralds

Emeralds and diamonds may seem like a high-end thing, but it is a combination you need to check out! These classic diamond bangles are studded in white sparkling diamonds with coloured emerald stones in between to accentuate the sparkle. Another great thing about this type of bangle is that the coloured stones allow you to mix and match with your outfit and other jewellery!

2. Shades of pink and diamonds

If you love the shades of pink and wish to create a collection featuring this beautiful colour, then go for diamond bangles that feature pink rubies! Allowing you to match your outfits and other jewellery, the combination of rubies and diamonds makes for exquisite bangles.

3. Floral diamond bangles

Create a floral jewellery collection and let the floral diamond bangles be your first option! This chic and extremely gorgeous piece of jewellery can turn any ordinary outfit into an extraordinary one.

4. Minimal diamond bangles

If you are not into making a statement, you could always go for the minimal diamond bangles that feature a small band of base metal with very few smaller diamond stones. These make great daily wear bangles that you could wear with your casual and professional outfits!

5. Dual-tone charmers

Have you ever wanted the best of both worlds in jewellery? Then you could go for the dual tones diamond bangles! These usually feature mixes of either rose or yellow gold with white gold, and these allow you to wear it with other jewellery featuring the same tones!

6. Stackable diamond jewellery

Combine two to three minimal diamond bangles or get a stackable diamond bangle set that will look simply gorgeous around your wrists. These unique pieces can charm any look, and depending on the occasion, you could always add in or subtract a bangle from your combination.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Diamond Bangle

A few things you need to ask yourself before purchasing a diamond bangle are:

1. Will you be wearing the diamond bangle as a standalone piece, or are you planning to combine the bangle with other diamond bracelets or bangles?

Depending on the answer, you will have to choose the size and metal of the bangle. While you can stack most bangles, it is advised to consider the type of occasion you are planning on wearing the accessories before stacking. If you wish to have a more sophisticated image, you could simply wear a single diamond bangle but if you are attending a casual or a traditional party, then stack them up!

2. How many diamonds do you want the bangles to feature, and whether they should include gemstones as well?

This will mostly depend on your budget since diamonds cost more than the base metal of your bangle. If budget is not a problem, you can decide based on how large or clustered you want the diamonds in the bangle. Otherwise, you could go for simple diamond bangles that feature a few gemstones.

3. Which metal do you want the bangle to feature and of what shade?

Gold and platinum are the two most popular metals for this. If you choose gold, you will have much more options of choosing a shade from the three different options.

4. What shape of bangles are you looking for, and what is the right size for the bangle?

Bangles come in many shapes and sizes, and if you are purchasing online, make sure you take the measurements right according to their website!

Diamond bangles are one of a kind. So if you ever plan on upgrading your accessory collection or choosing a gorgeous piece for your loved one, be sure to consider the bangle!