Signs your website needs a redesign

According to research, 75% of people judge the brand quality depending on their website experience. So, if you rely on your website for your new venture, then make sure it is the best of all. After all, your website represents your company, brand and business and is the first contact point for several prospective customers.
However, one thing to know here is that nothing is forever in the online world. Your website design may get look quite fast. Hence, sticking to an old web design may not work for you. Also, a poorly designed website can hinder your online business success as it loses visibility in search engines, thereby lowering conversions.
If you are in Australia and you need someone to redesign your website because of the reasons given below, then website design Australia will of great help to you.

  1. Mobile users don’t engage with your website
    In today’s time, half of your website visitors access your website from their phone; hence ignoring them can be your biggest mistake. If your website is not mobile-friendly, visitors may switch to another website.
    Visit your website from various devices and see if the images, text and content are accessible properly. If not, then your website needs redesign. You can also check the analytics for a website to find it out.
  2. Numbers are gradually falling
    Speaking of traffic, and conversion, things seem to be slow. You may not be able to see the big picture when your website fails to meet the previous month’s numbers.
    However, if you notice your six-figure incoming tripping down, it is a sign that your website design is out-of-date. Find out if there is any other issue related to the declining conversion and address them instantly.
    And, if no single thing seems to help, then speak to website design Australia company for redesign.
  3. The Flash animation
    Previously, Flash was an important website design too. However, technology has evolved a lot, and now the HTML format is being followed.
    Flash has become obsolete and is not recognized by Google either. Hence, it is important to make the switch and re-design your website.
  4. Your services or products have changed
    A big chunk of website redesign happens because the business has outpaced its online page. If there has been a dramatic change in the business or your marketing budget or you have recently launched or withdrawn your products, then your old website may not be able to do justice with your company.
    As your website is the face of your business, it should represent your business exactly the way it is. Hence, at this moment, web redesign is important.
  5. Navigation is difficult
    Often addition and removal of sections of pages hinder the sequential website and makes navigation for users difficult. However, if your navigation is tough, users will leave your website. Hence, it is advised to get your website redesigned if its navigation is difficult.
    So, if you think it is time to redesign your website, contact the best website design Australia services and enhance your online presence now.