Should I Try Vitanica Products

Should I Try Vitanica Products?

Dietary supplements help enhance your health in a variety of ways. They’re not made to treat specific conditions. Instead, they’re merely used to supplement specific vitamins and nutrients into an individual’s diet. They typically improve overall health. If you’re interested in taking supplements or making changes to your lifestyle, you should contact your primary care provider. Keep reading below to learn more about Vitanica products and if you should try them.

What Is Vitanica?

Vitanica was founded by Dr. Tori Hudson, a naturopathic physician who has been an award-winning leader in the women’s health industry for 30 years. She is a clinical professor at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine, Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, and Bastyr University. Dr. Hudson started the company to offer natural health care products for women. The product development involves years’ worth of research on alternative medicine. The company only uses the highest quality herbs for optimal health support. If you’re interested in natural healthcare, then Vitanica products are premium-grade and organic supplements that you’ll want to try for yourself. Check out some of the best-selling products below.

Iron Extra

This supplement gives a boost of iron into your bloodstream. It helps carry oxygen throughout your body, and it’s essential for the health of your brain. Iron Extra from Vitanica has a blend of herbs and a shot of vitamin C so that your bloodstream can easily absorb the iron. The Iron Extra supplement helps your red blood cells and is easy on your stomach because it uses a gentler form of iron. There’s even 500 mcg of vitamin B12. The capsules are vegan and non-GMO.

Butterbur Extract

This supplement is all about optimal blood vessel health and enhanced brain chemistry. When your brain is operating optimally, so does the rest of your body. This is just one of many effective natural supplements from Vitanica. It helps with caring for your blood vessels and has a blend of nutrients to promote brain stability. It can help relieve headaches and other symptoms that may be related to the cause of the headache. Irritability, fatigue, throbbing, and sensitivity to loud noises and bright lights can be helped when taking Butterbur. The supplement comes in a vegetarian capsule that’s easy to swallow and has ingredients like ginger root and magnesium.


If you’re familiar with gut bacteria, then you’ll learn that there are other areas of the body that need a healthy balance of bacteria. It’s not just your gut. Dr. Hudson specializes in women’s health, so this formulation is meant to help maintain normal bacteria levels. This is done through milk thistle seed extract and Oregon grape root to serve as antioxidants. Overall, the product helps maintain the flora beyond the digestive tract.

Chaste Tree Berry

This is a supplement that supports hormone balance and overall reproductive health. This restores the balance to an individual’s menstrual cycle. The chaste tree berry extract can help restore harmony to the body and regulate mood. It can help with reducing occasional anxiety and tension during PMS. It also supports uterine health and relieves menopausal discomfort.

And these are just a few of the many supplements and products from Vitanica that you can try. Many formulations are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, so you won’t have issues with finding supplements with nutrients that could benefit you and your body. Dr. Hudson’s commitment to finding the best formula for women’s health and healthy immune functions has resulted in the finest quality products available at Vitanica. These have been developed with abundant research and are great health care products for women to consider adding to their lifestyle. Consult a health care professional about taking dietary supplements.