How SEO Online Marketing works side by side with Digital Marketing

How SEO Online Marketing works side by side with Digital Marketing?

To shine among millions in this largely evolving digital marketing area, one needs to build a rock-solid and comprehensive digital strategy where experts from each discipline must contribute. For successful online marketing, it is important to involve multiple facets of an overall marketing strategy working hand in hand for the outcome of the best possible results. To boost up the overall marketing strategy implementation of a conjugated form of multiple marketing strategies can prove to be extremely fruitful. SEO marketing experts like SEO Agency Melbourne predicted that SEO could truly thrive if coupled with other important marketing practices. Now, in this article, we will discuss how SEO Online Marketing works side by side with Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing techniques that amplify SEO success:

SEO is not an alienated marketing technique, and there are a number of different marketing techniques that effectively partner with SEO, these include:

  1. Content Marketing
  2. Public Relations (PR)
  3. Pay per click advertising (PPC)
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • SEO and Content Marketing:

The concept of SEO and content marketing is tied closely together. According to Google, content is considered as one of the topmost ranking factors. The better content you create, the higher amount of traffic and leads you to gain from organic searches. In the case of SEO marketing strategy, you need to produce content as this is the only way people will discover your brand. So, content marketing is the main key for powerful SEO and investing in the creation of good content makes the link building much easier for you.

By collaborating, contributing, accumulating your SEO and content marketing strategy, you can make a breakthrough. SEOs can provide a unique insight into the SEO performance through the past content, which will eventually help to gain an idea on how to move forward.

  • SEO & Public Relations (PR):

PR is another very effective marketing strategy which works in complementary with SEO. Instead of building links with content, PR helps in building link in terms of brand exposure and awareness.

  • SEO & Email Marketing:

SEO also has got a very important and beneficial connection with Email Marketing. The key perspective for email marketing is list building and gaining subscriber for your newsletter/mailing list. In this matter, SEO can help you to build the email list by enriching the visibility of your site within search and thus driving more traffic for your website. Consequently, increased traffic leads to more email subscriptions and conversions.

  • SEO and Pay per click advertising (PPC):

Both SEO and PPC effectively deal with internet traffic to increase leads, conversions, and search engine exposure, it can be evidently believed that they will work well together. When both these marketing campaigns are running simultaneously, you will receive double the data to analyse, and ultimately determining which keywords have higher conversion rates and where and how to incorporate this information through your overall strategy.

  • SEO and Social Media Marketing (SMM):

SEO and Social Media Marketing work great in duo as part of a holistic online marketing campaign. The primary commonality in case of SEO and SMM is the involvement in promotion. One of the various tasks of an SEO is to promote content in the purpose of building links and develop the market appearance, and SMM can best help in this matter. Social media platforms are nowadays crucial for promotional purpose as it offers targeted and personalised promotional opportunities.


Each of these departments will collaborate efficiently and work together to produce a complementary marketing outcome that eventually increases one another’s strengths. So, it is a good idea to consider the principles of complementary marketing while planning for a successful SEO campaign.

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