Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions to Use in 2020

Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions to Use in 2020

The demand for healthcare centres is on the rise because of the increasing number of diseases. The recent outbreak of the pandemic COVID19 has spread panic in people about accessibility to healthcare centres. The worldwide research centres, including The World Health Organisation (WHO), have been studying extensively about the symptoms of the disease to produce an effective vaccine to treat the patients of COVID19. 

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Since the medical experts are still not aware of the symptoms completely, they have to be in contact with researchers to get a line on the virus. Further, medical facilities are not developed across all parts of the world, which is why the remote collaboration between patients and healthcare experts are popular. 

Remote monitoring patient solutions are not a new thing for the health industry. Before the COVID19 outbreak, some health experts had already invested in these solutions. They did to continually track the improvement in medical conditions of their patients who were unable to visit them due to any reasons. 

These software solutions are ideal for clinics, hospitals, OPD clinics, laboratories, and other types of healthcare units. All these software solutions offer a wide range of benefits from patient monitoring to data access, health analytics, and the integrated healthcare system. Here are the most popular remote patient monitoring software solutions.

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NH+ Circle

This digital healthcare solution leads to a better outcome by reducing the operation cost, generating higher revenues, and improving patients’ health. The app can help you reach out to those who cannot reach you. 

Patients can consult you from the comfort of their homes and get useful tips to recuperate from their illnesses. This software can help manage different departments like clinical staff, admin, diagnostics, pharmacy, and counting simultaneously. 

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It supports 100% digital operations, which means it removes the need for paperwork. It is user-friendly. All patients and doctors can manage to use this software application. It is easy to learn, provides immediate access to medical experts and reduces the risk of pilferage. Here are the features of this app: 

  • A clinic manager can register patients, collect reports, upload health history, assign services to patients, and send in notifications. 
  • As a doctor, you can view patients’ reports, patient profiles, consult patients over a video, add prescriptions, recommend diagnostic tests, send over notifications and refer to another doctor. 
  • Using this app, a lab can collect samples, update the status, report results, and establish a comparison. 

The essential feature of this software application is it helps you collaborate with patients beyond your premises. It brings various stakeholders together within the healthcare unit to provide the patients with the best care. 

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eVisit is a virtual care platform that allows you to offer telehealth services to your remote patients. This software application can reduce the operation cost, improve outcomes and boost revenues. eVisit provides virtual care to patients that cover all aspects like scheduling, intake, waiting room, visit, analytics and discharge. 

This software gives you a platform to connect with your remote patients to deliver them the right and seamless care. Here are the features of eVisit: 

  • You can reach out to a large number of patients and hence can increase the bottom line. 
  • Virtual care is more convenient than care provided in brick-and-mortar clinics because you can diagnose and treat them faster than ever. 
  • It is less expensive, and hence there are chances of increased revenues. You can provide care to your patients at an affordable cost. 

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The demand for virtual healthcare has suddenly spiked because of the COVID19 pandemic. Now is the time when all the patients want to access medical care as conveniently as possible. 

If you want to provide seamless care to as many patients as possible without any hassle, Teladoc can be an ideal software solution. It will not only lower your price but will also increase the bottom line. Here are the features of Teladoc: 

  • It provides a comprehensive telehealth solution that is exclusively tailored to the needs of your hospital. 
  • Since it is equipped with cloud-based technology, it can help you manage other services, lab management, reporting, and analytics. 
  • Teladoc can let you offer medical services round the clock, and you can personalise it to any departments within the realm of the healthcare unit. 

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It is a reliable and straightforward telehealth software programme to provide the best care to remote patients. One of the best features that make this app different from others is it offers end-to-end encryption and does not store patients’ data. Here are the features of this solution: 

  • Patients do not need to log in. They can easily connect with you on any device. 
  • There is no risk of snitching of data because it is not stored. 
  • Medical experts can connect with patients for 18 hours a day. 
  • Compared to other software solutions, it is a more affordable option as it costs $14.49 per month. 

As you have seen the benefits of virtual healthcare units, you should not delay investing in these software solutions. It is not tricky for hospitals to invest in these solutions. They can easily purchase advanced software solutions to provide virtual healthcare benefits. 

If you are running your clinic, it might be a bit hard to use these software solutions. If you find it challenging to invest in these software solutions while managing the operation cost of your clinic, you can fund your needs with 15 min cash loans. You may think that it will add up your expenses, but this one-time investment will help you reach out to a large number of patients and boost your revenues.

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