How Do I Sell QA Services

QA Questions: How Do I Sell QA Services?

Inventors and business owners understand the importance of product quality. However, quality control is still an expense. As such, budget-focused leaders are naturally reticent about paying for QA services.

Don’t view this problem as a setback. Think of it as a challenge, just one more step toward a sale.

As a QA services provider, you have to employ several selling techniques to land accounts. Some leads aren’t as technically savvy, while others understand QA processes.

Let’s break down these techniques right now!

Emphasize the Benefits of QA Services

Remember, leads come from different backgrounds. You may be selling to a manager who has no experience with quality assurance. Some leads are incredibly tech-savvy and have dealt with QA companies before.

It’s important to tailor your selling approach to each lead. That’s why lead profiles are so helpful. With the help of market research, you can create a hypothetical prospect, complete with age range, occupation, budget, and more.

Here’s an example:

Suppose your lead has no experience with QA. How would you convince them to buy QA testing services? It’s an extra expense, after all.

Think about ROI metrics when selling quality assurance services. All leads want a decent return on investment regardless of their technical expertise.

Instead of bombarding your lead with technical jargon, highlight the benefits of QA. Leads want to know if QA services are worth the cost.

A good ROI metric is just one benefit. Emphasize the following benefits in your pitch:

  • Industry credibility
  • Safety compliance
  • Improved customer reviews
  • More product referrals
  • Higher customer retention
  • Stress-free audits
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Smoother business processes

Cost-effectiveness is another crucial benefit of QA. Illustrate how your QA services can save the lead money. This point is so important for leads on the fence.

Use Visuals in Your Sales Pitch

Are you a visual learner?

There’s a good chance you’re part of the 65% who process information better with visuals. Use this fact to your benefit.

Leads want to see the evidence. Back up your claims with compelling data visualizations.

Visualize the following metrics:

  • Return on investment (ROI)
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Customer lifetime value (CLV)
  • Customer retention data
  • Employee satisfaction rates
  • Resource allocation metrics
  • Supply chain efficiency

There are several types of data visualizations to consider. Bar charts, donut charts, and heatmaps are easy to understand. However, reports may be too technical for some leads.

Fortunately, you can create and store your visualizations in the cloud.

Discuss Technological Features

Once you’ve convinced your lead about the benefits of QA, move on to the technical part.

Don’t overwhelm your lead with overly technical terms. Illustrate how your services work. Visuals are a big help here too.

For example, you could create an animated infographic that shows how usability testing works.

Usability testing gathers data from real, everyday users. Describe how the best company for QA outsourcing gathers that data.

Don’t overcomplicate the process. Clients want a simple and easy QA process. For example, your animated infographic could outline an easy step-by-step process for gathering usability data.

As a QA sales executive, you must explain complex topics in simple terms. Animated videos are one solution. However, you need to explain complex topics in person too.

Use a past client example to illustrate your point. Explain how your usability testing service delivered results. You must think quickly on your feet in person!

How to Attract new QA Clients

In-person sales skills, outbound calling, and cold emailing are essential. These skills are also helpful when leads find your services first. This point leads right into the next selling method.

How do you get leads to click on your QA services website? Better yet, how do you get them to see your site in the first place?

Since most users rely on search engines to find services, you’ll need an SEO campaign.

SEO Tips for QA Companies

SEO is incredibly effective and intuitive.

SEO is a blanket term for all search engine optimization techniques. Methods range from link building to content creation. Great SEO leverages several methods.

SEO is also an inbound marketing method that draws leads to your services.

Inbound marketing appeals to the latest consumer behavior trends. Today’s online consumers don’t want a pushy used car salesperson.

Leads are savvy and know how to find information on the web. That’s why educational content is so effective.

Your online leads are looking for QA information right now. SEO campaigns help you rank for QA search terms, pushing you to the top of search engines. Top rankings are essential since most users don’t click past the first page.

While SEO itself is intuitive, SEO processes are tedious.

Depending on your needs, you may need hundreds of pages of content. There are backlinks, Google reviews, technical SEO, and audits to consider too. You may want to hire an SEO agency to save time.

Paid Search Strategies

Content creation, link building, QA keyword research, and on-page SEO are examples of organic SEO. Paid SEO refers to search advertising, like Adwords. This method is also known as pay-per-click or PPC.

PPC is a must for QA sales managers. Paid search ads sit atop organic results. Therefore, PPC ads have higher click-through rates than organic search results.

Similar to organic SEO, you also target keywords for PPC advertising. Instead, you bid on keywords. PPC clicks also increase your organic search ranking.

Popular keywords are more expensive. If you’re on a budget, target low competition keywords. Long-tail keywords have lots of opportunities.

Local SEO is another important inbound marketing method for QA companies. Use a combination of organic SEO and PPC to attract local clientele.

You should also build up your company’s Google business profile. Google profiles are critical for online visibility. These profiles house your company’s website, reviews, hours, mission statement, and more.

Start Selling More QA Testing Services

Don’t let a single QA lead slip through the cracks. Understand your leads, craft effective pitches, and use SEO to drive clicks.

More information is right around the corner. Follow the blog to learn the latest tips and trends.