Men’s Shoe Style

Men’s Shoe Style guide: Different types of shoes for men

If you think that only women can have a wardrobe full of different types of shoes, you have a lot more to learn. Times have changed, and men have as many options for shoes as women. Are you looking for men’s footwear and you don’t know what the options are available for you? Stick around to find out, and we’ll break down your choices for you. Here are 13 types of men footwear you need for that little wardrobe makeover. If there is a Birthday then it’s a perfect birthday gifts for him. He will love your surprise.


When it comes to the classy must-haves footwear for men, brogues are no doubt the number one choice. There are different types of Brogues namely the derby brogues, monk brogues, and oxford brogues. Even though dress shoes like brogues traditionally worn for formal events, they have gained popularity for their smart-casual appeal. Pair brogues with a smart-casual outfit and you’ve got a perfect outfit for the day. Perfect birthday gifts for him 


When it comes to appeal and style, loafers are one of the most timeless shoes around. A plus point for these lace-less shoes that allow you to slip them on quickly and with ease, and most importantly, still look smartly dressed. Loafers can easily pair with any outfit, from formal wear to casual attire or even a stroll by the beach. There are three main common types of loafers: bit loafers, tassel loafers, and penny loafers. 


These shoes originated from Ireland and Scotland, and they add a royal touch to your entire outfit. Oxfords gained popularity when rebel students at Oxford University wore them instead of ankle-length and knee-length boots, and that is how Oxfords got its name. These are fine and royal footwear is your best pick for formal wear, with brown and black being the commonly chosen color. These shoes come in variations such as buck, wingtip, cap-toe, and numerous other shoes inspired by Oxford origins. 

Low-Top Sneakers 

If you are a sneaker-head, you would know that you can never have too many pairs of sneakers in your wardrobe. There are the classic white sneakers that go well with anything you put on, and then there are those quirky retro sneakers that add a cool touch to your usual plain old T-shirt and jeans style. Also, it will perfect birthday gifts for him. These shoes just spell out sporty and casual like no other pair of shoes. Low-top sneakers are definitely easy to wear and easy to pair. 

High-Top Sneakers

Moving on, let us flip to the other side of the spectrum, talking about the high-top sneakers. High-tops sneakers provide a lot of coverage without sucking your sole out through your wallet. Although high-top sneakers are more difficult to wear as compared to their low-top sneaker counterpart, they are definitely worth adding to your collection of sneakers because you simply can’t have too many sneakers. 


Derbies are a type of brogues, but the derby brogue lacks the traditional perforation on its upper side as the original brogues have. This footwear has an open lace with eyelet tabs sewn onto the top of their uppers. Although derbies considered to be less formal than Oxfords, they still fall under the category of formal shoes and can be paired with formal attires or even casual outfits. If you thinking of giving birthday gifts for him this is perfect.

Dress boots 

Dress boots are a must-have for every man. These shoes are a perfect addition to your winter wardrobe collection. If the country that you live in doesn’t have winter, it is perfectly fine as you can wear dress boots on a holiday trip when you visit winter countries. What is there not to love about these high fashion shoes? However, these boots do need some maintenance, carefully treated with mink oil and conditioner. 

Monk Shoes is a good choice for birthday gifts for him 

Monk shoes typically have a strap and buckle, although they have no lacing. These shoes are a timelessly stylish collection to add to your wardrobe, and you can pair them with a formal business suit or your casual outfits. There are single monks, double monks, and triple monks. A single monk has a single strap and buckles while a double monk has two straps and buckles. 


These shoes are the classic pair for your summer outings and beach party. Espadrilles are typically made out of a canvas or cotton fabric upper and a flexible sole made of esparto rope. The main defining characteristic of a pair of espadrilles is the esparto rope sole. If you are looking for a footwear that is comfortable yet fashionable, and can be paired with shorts, jeans, and trousers, a pair of espadrilles is what you need.


Moccasins are slip-on shoes that are similar to the loafers but differ in the type of materials it is made out of. These footwear are typically made out of leather and stitched with a soft sole. Moccasins generally have the tassel, bead and hand-drawn embellishments that make them the most eccentric and lavish pair of shoes you will ever own. 


Every gentleman needs a solid pair of trainers or runnings hows to power through their day with. While trainers are obviously essential for hitting the gym or running, you can rock your outfit with them casually. They even allow you to be semi-formal. Trainers are one of the most comfortable footwear you can ever own; even when you don’t plan to run or workout in them, they will still make a fantastic pair of comfy shoes for your next road trip.  

Boat Shoe 

Boat shoes made a serious comeback in 2017, but that doesn’t mean they are not popular in 2020. For over 80 years, boat shoes have been a controversial fashion mainstay. These shoes are invented by Paul Sperry to help him stay sure-footed while out on his yacht. Boat shoes are, no doubt, comfortable, casual, nautically functional, and stylish footwear for men. For those of you who want to stay on-point with your style for all occasions, you are primed for a pair of boat shoes. 

The Chukka Boot 

Chukka boots are the hybrid models resting between a thick boot and a slightly dress-up look. Despite their posh appearance, chukka boots are generally super durable. Chukka boots are ankle-high leather boots with leather or suede uppers, leather or rubber soles, and open lacing with two or three pairs of eyelets. Generally, chukka boots refer to a form of desert boots that were originally worn by British soldiers in the Western Desert Campaign of World War II. 

Whether you use shoes as your statement piece or as a comfortable method of transportation, footwear will always set a precedent as the most important attire you will wear. T-shirts, business suits, and other garments all have their day, but there is something so special about your shoes that lights up your insides in a way no other article of clothing possesses. It doesn’t really matter what you wear as shoes, as long as they make you feel great and comfortable in your own shoes. As the saying goes, “Be comfortable in your own shoes”, which can be translated as someone wearing their preferred footwear.

The most important thing to bear in mind is that every step you take should be with the utmost confidence. We all have different preferences and opinions when it comes to fashion, what looks best, and what is best suited for certain situations. Make it your special moment when you put on your chosen footwear and step out of the house. 

Why a pair of shoes is a perfect gift for him

Shoes might be one of the trickiest gifts to get for a man. Finding a shoe that fits perfectly is difficult enough on its own. However, it will be all worth it when you get him the right pair of shoes. Shoes are a necessity, and besides the fashionability of shoes, they are a practical gift to receive. We use our feet every day, and shoes are absolutely a necessity to have. And if it’s his birthday then you might choose from birthday gifts for him.

Good quality design and material is one thing, and a statement is another.  Receiving shoes as a gift is like getting a piece of art, making a statement, and feeling empowered. There are more options available to gifts for him, but shoes are the best to suggest for a man.

Nothing is better than comfort. Whether you like it or not, our feet are carrying us every single day. They definitely deserve to be treated well after hours of transporting us around. Getting our feet in the right shoes can make a huge difference, and that will make every step more comfortable. In our opinion, everyone should own a good quality pair of shoes. Shoes will prevent their feet from destroying that might eventually lead to other health problems. Let him surprise with birthday gifts for him by giving him a pair of shoes

Last but not least, shoes are unique and timeless. You can never go wrong with timeless shoes that will still be in use no matter what trend comes next. If you have decided on shoes as a gift, but you are unsure of what style to choose? A pair of classic shoes with minimal detail will definitely be a success. 

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