Kid-Friendly Vacations

9 Kid-Friendly Vacations Grown-Ups Can Enjoy, Too

Going out of the small enclosure of the house and looking at nature’s beauties is a child’s greatest wish. The excitement of visiting wildlife sanctuaries or beaches or even small places like a zoo or amusement park is always at the highest peak inside a child. The enthusiasm remains even after they come back and they ask you to revisit the place. For bringing joy in your child’s life and adding to their happiness, let’s look at nine Kid-friendly places to visit:- 

1. Deer Valley ( United States )

Deer Valley is very much popular among tourists throughout the year. The stunning view of this valley will blow your mind.

Hiking and bicycling in the summer or skiing in the winter sound like a winner for a stress-free family vacation that feels escapist without traveling worldwide. But the best part of crowding a mountain retreat with kids, friends, and more kids is ending the day with full meals prepared in the well-equipped kitchen (apart from airport transfers, one of our favorite Exclusive Resorts bonuses is the pre-stocked pantry) and a movie in the media room. The benefit of a private homestay is that you may do whatever you want without being restricted by hotel rooms or meal reservations and enjoy your stay.

In-between your tour, if you want your kids to sleep separately, you could always choose 54 inches wide and 75 inches long double beds, perfect for teenagers or kids who want to sleep independently. 

2. Okavango Delta ( Botswana )

For maximum people, going on safari is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and few places are more untamed, pure, and enchanting than Botswana’s Okavango Delta. Water from the Angolan highlands flows across the border every year, flooding Botswana’s northern floodplains. As a result, more elephants, lions, hippo-infested streams, and other examples of Mother Nature’s best work. Wilderness Safaris manages many of the most beautiful and strategically positioned resorts in this vast region, each with its unique environment. This trip is fantastic for youngsters ages eight and up, with early morning and afternoon game drives, story-swapping around the fire, and delicious food galore.

One tour would include stops at two or three camps spread across the delta in an ideal world. Even better, the lodges are both beautiful and cutting-edge when it comes to environmentally friendly, conservation-first techniques like clean energy, zero plastic, and a low- to no-carbon impact.

3. Peninsula Papagayo ( Costa Rica )

Costa Rica is the ultimate catch-all destination for families who can’t decide where to go on vacation. (Have the logistics handled by Exclusive Resorts’ COVID-Navigator service.) Imagine breathtaking, biodiverse landscapes, a culturally rich capital, the freshest food, and endless beaches. The Papagayo Peninsula, for example, has all of the untamed beauty of your castaway fantasies, as well as creature amenities and adrenaline-junkie pastimes for people of all ages. The flagship enclave of Exclusive Resorts includes seventeen large villas perched high on the cliffs and a members-only clubhouse, infinity pool, private beach, and delectable restaurant. Spend lazy mornings lounging around in your private apartment (Exclusive Resorts can organize breakfast spreads or skilled chefs to do the cooking), splashing in the pool, or observing monkeys scurrying through the woods. Also, you can spend time resting your head on pillows of standard pillow sizes and enjoy your leisure time. The standard pillow size is 20×26 inches; this keeps your spine in good shape and helps you sleep well.

 Sailing from the adjacent marina, a family zip-lining adventure through the rain forest, kayaking among the sea turtles in the neighboring caves, or an adults-only round of golf are all possibilities for afternoon activities. Costa Rica, as previously said, is a catch-all.

4. Amsterdam ( Netherlands )

Amsterdam is at the top of our list for an artsy family trip to major European cities. Why? Because it’s exceedingly easy to navigate on foot or by bike, is surprisingly child-friendly, and is chock-full of excellent museums, parks, and other public places. Then there’s the matter of food. It’s fantastic, and it’s also of the kid-friendly sort.

The boat tour of the canals will make your day. Then hop on the hotel bikes and ride to the Vondelpark, a sprawling green space with cafes, playgrounds, and art. It’s a great place for kids to practice riding their bikes. 

5. Copenhagen ( Denmark )

Noma is another name for Copenhagen and vice-versa. But, especially for pescatarians and vegans, this Danish city is a food lover’s heaven much beyond the creative, hyper-seasonal cuisine served at its most famous restaurant. Popl’s harborside vegan burgers, Reffen Market’s around-the-world snacks, Sanchez’s tacos, and excellent shorebird pretty much everywhere are just the beginning. Aside from the obligatory visits to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and a canal boat tour, pack a lunch of Torvehallerne market treats, cycle over to the Christiania area, and swim in the water before settling in.

6. Ballymaloe Cookery School ( Ireland )

The Allen family, primarily regarded as the creators of contemporary Irish food, is legendary. Their world-renowned Ballymaloe cookery school and country hotel (once the Allen family home) is set in the countryside, surrounded by Ballycotton Bay. The hotel, which sits on 300 acres of agricultural fields and beautifully groomed gardens, is the perfect place for youngsters to run around and pick vegetables from the ground and fruit from the trees. It’s also a lot of fun for people of all ages. For an itinerary of walks, swims, foraging, and cooking courses, check into the Georgian-era property. If you can go to Ballymaloe, which the Allens still run, few places are more tranquil and genuinely exquisite.

 7. Braemar ( Scotland )

The Scottish Highlands are as dark, misty, and rich with history as the countless TV shows that have been filmed here would suggest. We enjoy staying at the art-filled Fife Arms while exploring the surrounding Braemar region (which contains the Queen’s Scottish Guard). Aside from rivers, deep forests, and whisky distilleries, the surrounding area includes the cottage where Robert Louis Stevenson began writing Treasure Island, Braemar Castle, and, of course, Balmoral Castle.

8. Sunnmøre (Norway)

The Storfjord hotel is an excellent place to stay here in Sunnmøre. Amongst the serenity of Norway, this beautiful place is heavenly. Here you may explore the sites by boat or by air. Helicopters and vessels will improve your transport facility while the hotels provide you with a complete travel experience.

9. A Private Patagonian Island (Argentina)

With the permission of Mallmann, people are nowadays allowed to his private island, the Patagonian island. You can stay for a few more hours after dinner. The experience of the delicious delicacies served to you by the chefs and the wonderful ambiance of the private home will give you a blissful experience while you go there.

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The above-stated places of the visit will help your child know more about nature and its creations and give you the joy you were missing in the busy schedule of life.