Jewellery – An Investment

Fashion trends these days have not only shot into clothes, but also accessories like bags, belts, jewellery, footwear, and even phone covers. Individuals as young as teenagers indulge in these fashion trends and make a strong style statement. Among all of these, jewellery stands out bigger and brighter. Fashion icons and trendsetters make the items of jewellery more popular and desirable. Additionally, jewellery can be a major source of investment for a lot of Indian families.

Jewellery sales are mostly seasonal. They skyrocket during the wedding season and major festivals. People indulge in buying ornaments made of gold, silver, diamonds, pearls, precious stones, etc. depending on the occasion and purpose. Recently, online jewellery shopping has become a source of solace for a lot of consumers. When it comes to investments, gold, in the form of jewellery pieces or even coins is the most common. Online gold coin purchase is on the rise, sometimes, more so than ornaments. Particularly, concerning buying gold coins, the look and feel are not given much importance as it is purely a means of investment. Therefore, shopping online is extremely easy and convenient.

Ornaments To Wear 

 Since ancient times, women have always been adorned with pieces of jewellery. Bangles, necklaces, rings, bracelets, cummerbunds, name it, and one can find the right ornaments to use. Moreover, these are available in different elements garnished with stones of different colors. Be it weddings functions, festivals, an important luncheon, a business meeting, a fashion show, or a high-profile event, jewellery pieces of different kinds go a long way in being a part of one’s attire. Individuals can purchase these items based on their personal liking and taste. Heavy to light, more or less, silver or gold, sapphire or pearl, each can be decided on the type of function, attire, and what brings out and highlights the identity of the person wearing it.

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Ornaments As Assets 

Gold is pure and sacred as it is symbolized as a blessing from the Indian Goddess Lakshmi which brings opportunities and success. Gold coins have been considered investment opportunities since ancient times. It is a reliable form of security as the value of gold has usually witnessed a steady increase. Our strong belief in culture and religion has ensured our undeterred faith in the purchase of gold in India. Gold coins also make popular gifts. These differ in sizes (grams) enabling an individual to make a purchase depending on their capacity to spend; thus, attempting to make it more accessible. During weddings, Diwali, or Dhanteras, gold coins are used as gift items as a symbol of good luck and prosperity.

Jewellery, in the form of wearable items or coins, is invaluable. They are an investment, nonetheless. These come in a plethora of designs, styles, and sizes. One can purchase them taking into account the occasion and need for the precious pieces. Several Indian families have jewellery or precious items reserved to pass on as heirlooms. The value of jewellery has been rightfully recognized since time immemorial and is looking to remain intact in time to come.

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