Insurance For Community Interest Companies

Insurance For Community Interest Companies

When everyone wants their CIC or confidence to have the greatest impact possible, things don’t always go as planned. An injury to a guest at a fundraiser, a volunteer claiming intimidation by a committee member, or harm to your organization’s costly machinery may all result in significant financial losses. Your CIC or trust will be left to pay any lawsuits (or repair any damage) out of their own funds if you didn’t have the right insurance coverage in a place like Insync Insurance. The insurance for community interest companies and trust insurance provide safeguards against such events, ensuring that you are covered in the event of a disaster.

Purchasing Insurance For Your CIC Or Trust Is Straightforward

The quick and simple online quote form will assist you in creating a package that includes only the insurance you need and no unnecessary extras.

Insurance Covers for CICs and Trusts

Public Liability Insurance And Employers’ Liability Insurance

We combine our public responsibility and workers’ insurance coverage to provide comprehensive coverage against claims.

If anyone is hurt or their estate is harmed as a result of your misconduct, public liability insurance covers the expense of defending lawsuits against your CIC or trust. Many common personal injury cases are covered by public liability insurance, such as when a tourist slips and falls during an event hosted by your company. Legal bills and punitive claims could cost thousands of pounds if you don’t have insurance.

Employers’ liability insurance is required by law if you have employees or volunteers. It protects employees from claims of injuries or sickness while they are on the job. This insurance is required if your community interest organization or trust has full-time, part-time, or volunteer workers.

Indemnity Insurance For Professionals And Trustee Indemnity Insurance

We combine professional indemnity and trustee liability insurance to provide comprehensive cover for claims.

The risk of defending your trust or CIC from claims of professional misconduct is covered by professional indemnity insurance. This could happen if you give a client bad or negligent guidance, for example. It includes legal costs as well as any monetary damages that might be due.

Protecting toward rejection as a trustee, inquiries, or extradition proceedings is covered by trustee indemnity insurance (also known as trustee liability insurance). To cover your CIC or trust’s trustees from these threats, you must try providing trustee indemnity insurance.

Property Damage Insurance

Property damage policy includes the following items:

●      your structures

●      content in common (including stock)

●      computer hardware

●      When on your group’s premises, protect tenant upgrades and glass (for which you are liable) from unintended harm (including theft).

You may also opt to insure the group’s resources on a global scale, such as computers and cell phones. Furthermore, you can protect yourself from increased trade costs in the event of a business disruption, such as a flood that forces the company to relocate.

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The expert Social Enterprise group, with unrivaled expertise and skills, is focused on ensuring that each angle is protected when it comes to Insurance, enabling you to focus on running your CIC.