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Huawei’s First All-In-One Looks Like A Wonderful Touchscreen Desktop

Huawei has just announced several new devices during Mobile World Congress (MWC), including PC All-in-One dubbed Huawei Matestation X. This Matestation X comes with a beautiful screen and what seems to be a series of good specifications, let us see the detail of it: With a 28.2-inch screen, Huawei Matestation X stands upright and impressive. It has a fairly minimalist design, with a 4K + screen surrounded by super-narrow bezels on the four sides. This sports aspect ratio is 3: 2 and the screen ratio to the 92% body. Here are the detail features of it:


The screen is bigger than one on the latest 24-inch iMac, but whether it is equally impressive because what is on the Apple PC still has to be seen. In the photo, it certainly looks amazing. It is also equipped with a multitouch screen of 10 points.

Huawei promises the impressive 98% P3 color gamut on MEDEAL X. The screen must be bright because VESA Display HDR 400-certified and offers up to 500 brightness nits. Huawei complements PCs with blue light protection and flicker-free features to protect your eyes during long periods of use.


Matestation new X was the result of Huawei’s collaboration with AMD, and he was supported by AMD Ryzen 7 5800H cellular processor. The CPU has eight cores and 16 utas, and the maximum boost hour is up to 4.4GHz. Matestation X does not display discrete graphics cards, but there is an AMD Radeon GPU integrated on the processor chip.

Other specifications of the Best HUAWEI Desktop all-in-one include 16GB RAM and 512GB PCIe SSD storage, and access to Wi-Fi 6. The owner of some Huawei devices will find that using it together must be quite smooth, with easy transfer of files and collaboration between devices.


Huawei has revealed the right release date for new X MEDESTES, and this great company has announced computer pricing. The PC will arrive at a price of 449 euros, which is after the discount fee around 100 euros. This makes it much more cheaper than the other products such as 24-inch iMac. Keep in mind that there is a better and better configuration of this huawei desktop matestation-s which increases prices significantly.

It should be noted that like many other Huawei devices, MATERIALS X may be available on the market A.S. In large quantities. Huawei has not revealed which country will receive the shipping of its latest release, but you can check the price including shipping fee in huawei official site of UK.


There is still a lot that we have to learn about Huawei Matestation X before we can make a verdict about whether it will be a proper competitor for the iMac. This is of course equipped with an impressive screen, and Ryzen CPU combined with enough RAM must provide good performance. However, the M1 chip is strong, it will be a difficult act to follow.