Huawei Matebook 16 Reviews


A large laptop is back in fashion because we recently saw a 16-inch portable PC return that has been designed for ordinary use than playing games. Huawei matebook 16 is a shining example of this, even though it is currently only available in certain markets.

This model comes to package the AMD Ryzen 7 5000-series processor, which makes it very fast and a good choice for those who need a new work laptop.

It is possible to buy this laptop from huawei online shop in the UK, it is ensured that you buy from sellers who have a good reputation and keep in mind that extra like guarantees and chargers can be included.

But is this laptop worthy to buy? With that thought, this is the way I continued with Huawei Matebook 16.


Huawei Matebook 16 uses a variant of the proven Matebook design language, as seen lately on the Matebook X Pro, which we preliminarily reviewed. It looks good and may be a poster child from the friendly design of the company’s self-board.

Chassis is made of aluminum CNC which makes it stiff extra while having a thin profile (17.8mm) but at the expense of weight (4.38 lbs / 1.99 kg) when compared to computers such as Lenovo X1 Extreme Gen4 (3.99 lbs) or MacBook Pro 16 (3.5 lbs).

An aluminum surface treatment feels good to be touched and is quite resistant to fingerprint stains, making the laptop look clean at all times. At present,”Space Gray”is the only color available.

Keyboard and TrackPad

The keyboard seems identical to the Matebook X Pro in terms of range and key, but the main trip seems a little longer, and some druggies might appreciate it. The keyboard has strong favorable tactile feedback and is the right amount.

The great glass trackpad looks impressive, very smooth, and is ideal for large scroll movements or Windows 3-4 gestures with complex fingers for optimal productivity. There is no physical trackpad button, but you can use a two-finger press to mimic the right mouse button if you don’t like to go to the lower right corner for one finger click.

I found the input very comfortable and suitable for extensive typing, but I hope that the keyboard backlight is brighter.


• AMD Ryzen 7 5800H is quite fast

• Load very quickly

• Integrated Radeon AMD graphics card

Huawei Matebook 16 has very good in terms of performance, with Ryzen eight-core processors keeping everything running smoothly. The engine proved to be very quiet, and I didn’t worry about something that suddenly turned off or stalled, even with some Chrome tabs, Spotify, and zoom open at once.

See benchmarks, Matebook 16 performs well, defeating the 11th series chip of other tech product. It is not enough to run faster than the MacBook Air, even though it is understandable considering the power of dropping the m1 chipset jaw.

Battery life

• Reaching 13 hours in our testing

• Can easily survive one working day

In the standard PCMark 10 office battery, the laptop took place right 13 hours before turning off.

 This Is Three Hours Longer Than the Huawei Matebook X Pro 2021, Putting It Towards the Advanced End of the Scale When It Comes to Life.

All in all, Huawei Matebook 16 is easy to take if you are in the UK. The Huawei website offers this laptop to in Germany, China, etc, too. It is expected to appear on all corner of the world to benefit our life and work.