How to Take Care of Ragdoll Cat

Cats have always intrigued people. Unlike dogs, which are like open books, felines carry a certain amount of mystery and mysticism. Although they can often be stubborn and independent, it is true that these creatures actually love humans. They just don’t show their affection too often.

But Ragdolls are especially fond of their humans. If you are looking for a pet that will give you love, you will find it in these gentle, elegant, intelligent creatures. These felines enjoy being petted. They are actually real lappets with which you can spend hours relaxing and cuddling.

As for their nature, Ragdoll cat breeds characteristics are calmness, tenderness, and obedience. They are characterized by sociability and easygoingness. These felines trust people and other animals and enjoy being around them, which is not typical for cats. Moreover, these blue eyes angels get along even with dogs.

Cats, like every other pet, require proper and dedicated care. You should know that, especially if you have a Ragdoll. They are different from ordinary cats in terms of caring and grooming needs. They are not high-maintenance but still have some specific requirements. Following these will help you ensure your pet’s overall health and welfare.

Establish a Feeding Routine

Since Ragdolls belong to the elite category of cats, it’s a normal tendency for owners to look after them accordingly. That applies to their physical appearance as well as their behavior. In principle, cats do not like routine, but it will be easier for you to establish it. 

Ragdolls are a bit specific, as they are larger than most other cats. So they need more food, especially during the developmental period (first four years), but be careful not to exaggerate. These kitties can easily become obese. 

The food that you should give to your cat should meet their nutritional needs. Based their daily menu on protein-rich meals and include healthy fats, like fish, from time to time. Opt for premium canned foods or, if you can, prepare homemade meals. You have to set a time for feeding and be careful with the amounts. Make sure your Ragdoll always has a bowl of freshwater.

Grooming Tips

An adult Ragdoll has lush, shiny fur. As the hair is of medium length, you have to take good care of it to avoid tingling and hairballs. The grooming of your cat must be done in a hygienic way to prevent infection and illness. Bring your pet to a grooming salon every few months if you can’t do it at home.

Ragdolls usually don’t have problems with hair matting. By brushing their coat at least once a week, you can prevent mats and excessive shedding. Using a soft brush is very important for your cat’s coat because it acts as a natural shield against dirt, dust, debris, and other unwanted particles.

You should also check if there’s any dirt inside your pet’s ears. Excess grease and dirt can clog Ragdoll’s ears and lead to ear infection, which is very painful and dangerous. You should make it a habit to inspect your pet every day. Any sign of sickness may indicate immediate medical attention. Here you can learn how to recognize ear infections in your furball.

Check Fur Condition

You should never neglect your pet simply because they don’t look as good as you expect. Sometimes, Ragdolls could have fur or skin problems, and their hair could fall off. These conditions require vet help. It will take a while until your pet experiences glow-up. By that time, you should look after their regular needs, such as having their claws clipped, teeth cleaned, and being vet checked. 

If you spot are any cuts, lumps, or bruises on your cat’s skin, these should be treated immediately. In order to speed up the healing process, you should apply first-aid ointments and lotion to the wound or injury. It is important to keep the area clean and dry to prevent infections.

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It’s easy to entertain a Ragdoll as this breed is known for playfulness and being tireless. But that can be both bad and good news for future owners, as having this cat is not just about feeding and grooming. You really should spend some time playing with them and stimulating them mentally.

It’s of the utmost importance for Ragdolls to be active. Hours of playing with different toys or accessories like cat condos or scratching posts allow them to release their excess energy and stress. Take part by playing fetch or pouncing a ball with your fluffy pet. Keep in mind that a variety of toys and activities are the best way to prevent boredom.

Due to the high intelligence that distinguishes them, Ragdolls are very curious. So keep giving them challenges and new things to explore, even if it’s just a cardboard box left in your backyard. On top of that, provide your pet with a safe and cozy place to retreat if they ever get bored or stressed out.

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Having a Ragdoll cat is not all fun and games, though. There are also responsibilities that you have to shoulder in taking care of your precious pet. Grooming, feeding, and spending quality time with your cat are just some of the basics in managing your Ragdoll. Proper care will ensure that you have a happy bonding with your blue-eyed angel.