How To Protect Your Furnishings From Sun Damage

How To Protect Your Furnishings From Sun Damage

The sun can be your best friend when you’re trying to get a tan or bring in some natural light to really make your living room’s decor pop. However, for all of its benefits, your indoor and outdoor furnishings can actually be getting the brunt of the sun’s UV rays, leaving lasting damage that wears on bright colors over time. Here are some tips to make sure the sun isn’t delivering an unnecessary expense brought on by discoloration.

Invest in new windows.

While it may not be an immediate thing you’ve considered, new windows are actually an effective way to keep away UV light from the sun. Modern windows have special UV-blocking properties, and some are made with special glass that can prevent sunlight from damaging furniture. Finding these services starts with a search as simple as “replacement windows in Grand Haven” to find the options in your area.

Setting up an installation with a contractor is easier than ever, as they take care of windows in your sunroom, living room, or elsewhere and do an awesome job to make sure your replacement windows suit your needs. If you’re not prepared to replace windows, you could opt for window film. The tint can help block the vast majority of the sun’s harmful UV rays and prevent furniture from fading. Many window film options don’t restrict your exterior view, so you can potentially get the perfect combo of sun protection and a clear view.

Consider awnings for outdoor furniture.

When it comes to your patio Scandinavian Furniture or backyard, you may not be thinking about how it will hold up against the sun. However, it can actually be a big help for homeowners. Start by researching something like “awnings in Pennsylvania” and find a cover that will get you through those summer months, keeping you cooled down while enjoying the outdoors and saving the standard of your furniture.

This can also be a delight to business owners who offer outdoor seating for customers. For an affordable price, you’ll get a remarkable quality of work that offers a certain amount of curb appeal while also making sure it’s durable enough to stand up to significant storms with heavy winds and rain.

Consider hanging curtains.

You may think of curtains as just a great way to accent the colors of your walls, but they can actually be a lifesaver for your furnishings. Decorating your living room, kitchen, and dining area with these new window treatments can be an effective way to keep sunlight out and protect furniture from sun damage. Nearly 100 percent of the window has to be covered for effective treatment, so you can consider other options. Blinds enable homeowners to change the angle of the slats, raising or lowering the levels so that it’s done just right. You could also invest in shades that block out the sun from the top half of the window, permitting UV light through the bottom half.

Avoid sunlight altogether.

Yes, this may seem obvious, but it may not seem feasible. Keeping furniture away from direct sunlight in the first place is one of the best ways for homeowners to preserve the condition and color of their furnishings. Try and keep these items in more shaded areas of your household, away from windows and skylights. Fading, discoloration and fabric damage are the downsides of visible light, so it’s important to consider the main culprits of the UV spectrum as to what causes this sun damage in the long run. You could opt to keep the shades closed and rely on lights, but your energy bills will be impacted directly. Weigh your options and make sure you can protect yourself from any unnecessary expenses in the long run.