How to Outsource Your Fax Infrastructure?

How to Outsource Your Fax Infrastructure?

IT teams today spend very little time establishing and maintaining fax servers and infrastructure. They simply aren’t a priority when it comes to investing capital, time, and resources of the company. Nevertheless, businesses continue to use this technology for a variety of reasons.

For instance, financial services and medical practices rely on fax technology to provide the security they need when transmitting sensitive information. Furthermore, they know the technology is reliable and the process integration of the fax infrastructure has been established. Today, these same sectors find they must evaluate new technologies if they wish to keep up. When should this step be taken, and when should a company consider outsourcing your fax infostructure

Evaluating New Fax Technologies

Companies need to look to new technologies when they are working to balance the needs of the business against the burden existing systems put on the IT department. Furthermore, this step must be taken when the organization recognizes it needs to meet and exceed the service-level requirements for fax documents transmitted electronically. What signs should a company look for when determining whether now is the time to evaluate the new technologies? 

The Time is Right

A company needs to evaluate new technologies when employee complaints regarding fax technology become commonplace. One or two complaints are to be expected, but multiple complaints in a short period suggest the fax capabilities are lagging in terms of what they offer. Upgrading the fax infrastructure will likely help to halt the complaints. 

Additionally, maintaining and upgrading the fax infrastructure shouldn’t consume large parts of an employee’s day or work week. When it does, companies need to consider moving this infrastructure to the cloud. What are the benefits associated with making this transition? 

The Benefits of a Fully Hosted Cloud Fax Solution

Companies find they receive numerous benefits when they move to a fully hosted cloud fax solution. They achieve cost savings while freeing up valuable IT resources. Using a fully hosted solution, the company knows it will benefit from increased security and regulatory compliance, as the fax solution provider must meet the needs of customers or it won’t remain in operation long. Employee productivity likewise improves when this solution is implemented. 

When comparing various enterprise fax technologies, business owners must consider their existing cost structure, IT overhead, and needs. This information helps them determine whether a cloud fax solution will meet their needs, if they should continue with their on-site fax infrastructure, or if they need to use a hybrid solution that includes both cloud and on-site elements. If it is determined that cloud faxing is the best option, the business owner must then select from three types of solutions. 

Private Cloud Solutions

With a private cloud solution, the business maintains the fax infrastructure strictly within the company’s firewall. The IT team retains direct control over all fax infrastructure company-wide rather than dealing with desktop fax machines. However, many companies find this option to be cost-prohibitive. 

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

A business may opt for a hybrid cloud solution, one in which the on-site infrastructure remains in place and is backed up by a cloud-based solution. This option allows the IT team to retain direct control while benefiting from greater redundancy and system availability. Nevertheless, companies often find they are paying double for the same service, which cuts into their bottom lines. 

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Cloud Solutions

A fully-hosted cloud solution requires no on-site fax infrastructure. As a result, users save large sums of money. However, choosing the right partner remains critical if the business wishes to get the most from this solution. 

Consider all options to find the one that fulfills the requirements of your business. With many solutions offered today, doing so has never been easier. Fax infrastructure remains necessary today, so begin evaluating your options right away. You don’t want to fall behind competitors in this area.