How to Order Generic Prescription Drugs Online: A Guide

Amid lockdowns and movement restrictions, people turned to the internet for their needs. Online pharmacies have become more popular. Around 1/3 of respondents have used online platforms to buy medication.

With the global health crisis, more people are looking into online solutions. Some people do it for convenience since you need not step outside to buy prescription drugs. You only have to place an order online for your medication will arrive at your doorstep.

Are you interested in buying generic prescription drugs online? Read on and learn how to do it below.

Find a Reputable Online Pharmacy

Buying drugs online is convenient, but is it safe? For the most part, yes. However, you have to be wary of some sites.

If you want to buy prescription or generic drugs, look for a reputable site first. Some large drugstore chains accept orders online.

Your trusted local pharmacy might also have an online ordering system. Look into those before you start browsing other sites.

If these options are not ideal, you can still find reputable online pharmacies. Browse this website for an example. Here are some signs of a safe online drugstore:

Accurate Address and Contact Information

Even if the pharmacy only operates online, they must still have an address for their office. It must be visible on their website, and if you check it, it must be accurate.

Check their contact information, too. It has to be working and can connect you to a live person. It applies to chat, phone, or email.

Online Pharmacist

Legitimate sites have an online pharmacist on standby to deal with your orders. That way, they can dispense a prescription drug. They can answer any of your medicine-related questions, as well.

All pharmacists should have a license in their country. Never hesitate to ask for these details and check their legitimacy.


The pharmacy itself must have a license, as well, so it can operate in your country. They must obtain one from a provincial or territory pharmacy regulatory authority.

If you want to confirm their license, get their address. If you are in Quebec, for example, check with the pharmacy regulatory authority of Quebec. You may also see if it’s a part of the Pharmacy Verified Websites Program.

Watch Out for Signs of a Fake Pharmacy

The convenience of buying medication online comes with the risk of falling into the trap of fake pharmacies. Not only can you get scammed, but it can become dangerous, as well.

Why should you get worried? If any medicine arrives at your doorstep at all, it may not be safe to take.

The medicines they sell might have reached their expiration date. Some might be fake, and the others contaminated. If either applies, your health is at serious risk.

They can also commit other crimes with your information on their website. They may commit identity theft or use your payment details. Worst of all, some sites infect your computer with malware.

Around 97% of online pharmacies are fake. Know the signs of a shady pharmacy to protect yourself.

Prescription Not Required

Sometimes, a legitimate site allows you to consult with their physician. However, they have no authority to give a prescription unless they:

  • Have access to your updated medical records
  • Know your medication history
  • Already have a treatment relationship with you

If an online pharmacy has no prescription requirements, stay away. It’s illegal and unethical. No reputable company will sell prescription drugs unless they fulfill the criteria above.

Too-Good-to-Be-True Prices

Do the prices seem too low? Be wary since even with discounts, medication should never have dirt-cheap prices.

If the deals are too good, they are likely fake or low-quality. Listen to your gut and look elsewhere. Risking your health is never worth saving some dollars.

Ships Worldwide

If a pharmacy has no physical address in your country, it’s likely a fraudulent site. After all, they will have no license to sell drugs legally.

Worldwide shipping is a red flag, as well. It’s tedious to obtain licenses in numerous countries. As such, pharmacies know they can’t ship anywhere.

Check with Your Insurance Company

After checking the site’s legitimacy, determine whether you can use your insurance to buy drugs. Some companies allow online purchases, but the cost will stay the same.

You might want to ask your insurance company if they have a mail-order pharmacy they can use, as well. It might be available on their website, or you can call to ask.

Compare Drug Prices

An advantage of having online pharmacies is that you can easily compare prices among them. Check how much your medications cost when you add them up. You might find one medicine is cheaper, but another is more expensive.

Never forget to factor in the shipping costs. Get the total of all the items plus any fees before comparing. Again, if the prices are too cheap to be legitimate, stay away.

Prepare Your Prescription

Do you already have a prescription from your doctor? Remember that a legitimate pharmacy requires one.

Before attempting to buy a prescription drug, consult with your physician first. The good news is online consultations are now a popular option.

Check with your doctor if they offer online services. If you still lack one, make sure to look for legitimate physicians, as well.

Remember, you can never get a prescription from any doctor. They must meet the requirements we outlined above.

Stay Safe When Buying Generic Prescription Drugs Online

Accessing generic prescription drugs online has become more manageable. It has also become more dangerous. Even so, you can keep yourself safe when buying anything over the internet by keeping our tips in mind.

Keep yourself updated with the latest methods criminals use to get victims. By knowing their ways, you can stay away from their schemes.

Did you find this guide helpful? To learn more, feel free to check out our other posts.