How to Grow Your Instagram Following

How to Grow Your Instagram Following

Instagram should be a major part of your digital marketing strategy. The social media platform has more than 1.3 billion monthly users. The vast majority of them (81%) use Instagram to research businesses, products, and services.

If you want to make the biggest impression on these users, you need to grow your Instagram follower count.

A consumer that looks at a profile with 100 followers will have a much different impression than one that has 5,000 social media followers.

The account with 5,000 is automatically more credible and trustworthy. It might not seem fair because the account with fewer followers offers better service, but that’s how consumers think these days.

Are you ready to get in the game and increase your Instagram following? Read on to learn the top Instagram tips that will show you how to grow your follower count and gain instant credibility with consumers.

Do a Little Investigating

Before you start posting random content, you need to do a little market research. You want every post to count with your audience, so they’ll have no choice but to follow you for high-quality content and valuable insights.

Write down 5-10 of the biggest competitors in your niche. Look at their Instagram accounts.

If your competitors aren’t on Instagram, it can be an area of opportunity for you. Look for accounts in your niche that are on Instagram.

Note how often they post, follower engagement, and the types of content they post. Note the number of Instagram followers they have.

Pay attention to the hashtags they use in their posts. Create a spreadsheet of hashtags that you can reference later on when you’re adjusting your account.

Research your audience. Think about the types of accounts they follow that aren’t directly related to your niche. Make note of any questions they have because you can address them in your content.

Revisit Your Bio

What do people have to do to become Instagram followers? They have to go to your profile page.

The profile page and bio need to seal the deal for them to become followers. Make sure your bio is to the point.

You need to tell people what you do and for whom. You can also write your bio as a way to preview content.

If you have a local business, include the location. Include a link to a lead magnet or another piece of content on your website.

Know All of Instagram’s Features

If you want to increase your follower count, you need to know how Instagram’s algorithm works. It rewards content creators who post consistently and make use of all of Instagram’s features.

This means you need to post Stories, Reels, Videos, and live streams. Each feature has a way to reach new audiences and engage with potential followers.

Learn as much as you can about each feature and experiment with them. If you want to learn about how to make the most of Instagram Stories, find out more here.

Make a Content Schedule

It may seem like you have a ton of Instagram content to produce daily. It can get overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Make a content schedule that gives a theme to each day of the week. For example, you can make Monday a Motivation Monday, where you help your followers get psyched to tackle the week.

Tuesday can be a leadership tip, and Wednesday is a personal story. You can use the end of the week for testimonials and content that boosts your credibility.

This helps you create content without having to overthink it. Use a scheduling tool like Later or Buffer to batch your content creation.

Leverage Other Brands in Your Niche

The fastest way to grow your Instagram follower count is to work with other brands in your niche to promote each other. A fitness professional can work with a nutrition or clothing brand.

A money coach can partner with a local bank or accountant. The key is to find brands that target the same audience without competing with you directly.

You also want to make sure that you share the same values as the brand. You don’t want to partner with a company that isn’t completely aligned because it compromises your authenticity.

People will see through that and question the integrity of your brand. That will do more harm than good to your account.

Get Social and Add Value

Remember that social media is social. Growing your Instagram following doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It happens when you connect with other people in your niche.

You already know which accounts are the leaders in your niche. You can piggyback on their content by adding helpful comments to their posts.

When someone does follow you, send them a message to thank them for following your content. Ask them what kind of content they’d like to see if they have any burning questions about your area of expertise.

People are more likely to stay loyal followers, but recommend your account to others. You’re also building trust with clients, so you can get more sales when consumers are ready to buy.

Tips to Grow Your Instagram Follower Count

Growing your Instagram following isn’t a magic trick. It’s the result of hard work and dedication. You need to dedicate yourself to posting valuable content that your target market appreciates consistently.

Follow the Instagram tips in this article, and you’ll steadily grow your Instagram follower count. Do the research, make a plan, and get to know all of Instagram’s features.

The algorithm will reward you for your hard work. Do you want more business and digital marketing tips? Head over to the home page of the blog today!

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