Here's How To Buy Lloyd Air Conditioner On Flexible EMI

Here’s How To Buy Lloyd Air Conditioner On Flexible EMI

Lloyd, one of the leading consumer electrical manufacturers in the Indian market, has registered a total sales volume of about Rs.2,000 crore in FY2020. Its air conditioner division has generated almost 65%-70% of this revenue.

Lloyd AC has been popular in the Indian market owing to its integration of modern technologies within a competitive price bracket. Resultantly, the value for money factor has also improved for the brand and its products. Additionally, the availability of various EMI options has made it reasonable to avail the best of Lloyd.

How To Purchase Lloyd Acs On Flexible Emis?

To convert the purchase of an air conditioner to flexible and affordable EMIs, one can take assistance from dedicated EMI stores. Shopping via these stores using digital EMI payment cards offered by designated financial institutions can help convert the purchases into easy and flexible monthly installments. Hence, it improves the buyer’s convenience and elevates the shopping experience.

Here are some notable benefits of using this EMI facility –

1. Pre-defined Credit Limit

This card comes with a pre-set credit limit of Rs.2 lakh, which one can use to make a purchase from any online or offline retail partners.

2. Affordable EMIs

With the help of this online payment card, one can now convert his/her purchases into easy EMIs. Buyers have the option to select from the tenor of 3,6,9,12,18 or 24 months to complete the payment.

3. Prompt Approval

The quick and online approval process further aids individuals to facilitate their purchases. One can fill out an online form and receive loan confirmation through SMS.

Furthermore, the easy documentation process also plays a role in such swift approval. One needs to submit only KYC details and a canceled cheque to gain confirmation.

4. Pre-approved Offers

The availability of pre-approved offers further streamlines this buying process. This tailor-made facility allows exiting customers to skip the hassle of the application process and save time. 

5. Nominal Processing Fee

The processing fee charged on any transactions made using this digital payment card is minimal. Hence, the overall cost of repayment lowers and makes any purchase more affordable.

6. Minimal Down Payment

Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card is a prominent example of such digital payment cards. Here, the down payment on any purchase remains minimal to none. Thus, any purchase becomes more accessible for individuals.

To avail of these benefits, one needs to meet the eligibility criteria, which require applicants to be in the age bracket of 21 to 60 and have a source of income. Moreover, they need to keep the following documents to expedite the application process –

  • Duly filled application form
  • PAN card
  • Cancel cheque
  • Properly signed ECS mandate
  • Address proof

EMI cards like these make any purchase inexpensive and accessible by converting them into affordable monthly installments. Along with being aware of their benefits, one should also know the features that make Lloyd Acs a popular household name in India.

Top 4 Features Of Lloyd Acs

Here are some notable features of the air conditioner from Lloyd –

1. Wi-Fi Control

It is one of the most distinctive features of these ACs, as it frees you from the trouble of searching for a remote every time. This feature allows you to control your air conditioner with your smartphones. It especially comes in handy in case individuals forget to turn off the AC while before stepping out. They can do it quickly using their Wi-Fi connectivity.

2. Inverter Facility

The summer temperatures in India are unbearable at times, and a power-cut on top of it is a huge inconvenience. However, bringing home a 2 Ton AC can forego this issue, as their air conditioner will easily run on home inverter system of 4KVA or above.

3. 4D Cooling Technology

This express cooling technology cools any room faster than a normal air conditioner. Here an AC takes air in from 4 sides, which amounts to almost 20% extra air, and its purposeful flap design helps distribute that air evenly at different parts of a room.

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4. Lower Noise Levels

The inverter compressor system further reduces the noise levels. This system is designed to reduce power consumption and increase efficiency. Moreover, with this design, the motor runs freely without any vibrations, which in turn reduces vibrations. Also, the intelligent logic unit of Lloyd Acs plays a part here.

The GLS18I35JA, a 1.5 ton split AC from Lloyd, boasts these above-mentioned features. This product also has a PM 2.5 filter that removes dust particles; hence, the AC remains clean and maintains the airflow quality. Additionally, the specially designed air louvers reduce air resistance and provide 10% better air throw and low noise. This particular product is priced around Rs.36,000.

Shopping from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store enables individuals to choose from a plethora of products. There are various models of Lloyd Acs available here with a wide range of specifications and at multiple price points. Therefore, buyers have the option to select one that fits their requirements perfectly.

Thus, individuals can forget about budgetary concerns and look for the perfect Lloyd AC option today.