How To Be Claim-ready With The Right Insurance Policy In Covid-19

How To Be Claim-ready With The Right Insurance Policy In Covid-19

Shortly after the onset of COVID-19, all generic and specialty health insurers were guided to COVID-19 in compliance with regular health insurance plans by the Insurance regulatory and improvement authority. Insurance in Dubai is the most famous and compulsory practice before and after the pandemic effect.

The insurance regulator recommended the insurers to be highly vigilant in refusing a COVID-19 claim to giving the consumer justification to deny a claim. In recent months, however, a number of problems relating to dispute payments have arisen from the end of the consumer, amid the regulatory body’s tight explanation.

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A hospital will compensate a customer under quarantine health care on alleged coronavirus illness under Insurance in Dubai policies. Some general problems are involved. In addition, if a customer opts for a clinic after positive COVID-19 results only to guarantee that the illness does not crumble, the insurer will accept the claim.

When a client decides to undergo COVID-19 home care instead of hospitalizing, the home treatment payment will be paid by a regular health insurance program.

  • COVID-19 reporting claim

You have to know the following claim procedure to enjoy a smooth claim service. Meanwhile, the process of filing a COVID-19 claim is similar to every other claim, you must always be exceedingly vigilant.

You must then determine if you choose to make a cashless claim by care in your insurer’s network facility or take counseling in your preference of hospital, and then cover your expenditures.

You should not have to cover the medical expenses under cashless care and the bill is charged by the provider straight to the hospital. You have to pay the whole hospital fund yourself during the insurance period when taking treatment of your choosing. The insurance will pay you for the investment incurred by you, which is subject to prior approval.

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It is necessary for you to notify first the insured of your hospitalization during all the compensation procedures, i.e. cashless, and refund, and apply the claim application. For the comfort of clients, the regulatory authority has ordered all insurers to process all claims concerning COVID-19 within 2 hours after filing a submission.

However, it is really important, when claiming, to know everything that is protected and not covered by the insurance coverage. A number of additions and exceptions for COVID-19 treatment were provided by many insurers. It is crucial that you know these inclusions and exclusions so that during the filing of the application there is no uncertainty.

  • Specify the nearest healthcare

In the first location, classify the Covid-19 network hospitals in the surrounding area. You will only demand cashless if you are referred to a network hospital. In case of space shortfall, it is best to shortlist at least three clinics to have a Contingency plan

  • Stay set with proper document

Maintain ready for a small file or directory. It should include all the necessary prior medical records such as prior discharge summaries, medical insurance cards, and evidence of identity. This is the right indicator for you to rush into a hospital.

  • Selection of Room

Be sure that you know your qualifying room type, based on the policy you have purchased. Most regulations allow single rooms, whereas high-end rooms along with suites and deluxe rooms are subject to certain policies. You will help you pick the room in advance, recognizing it beforehand.

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  • Realize the Covid-19 processing time

The duration of holding shall be one of waiting for the policyholder to commence treatment of a new illness by the insurer. For Covid-19, most proposals have waiting times of either 15 days or 30 days. Made sure they are identified in advance.

  • Carry the policy management manager’s contact info available

Try to ensure your relationship manager’s information has been stored and please let them know about your demand. In case of a scheduled condition, notify the doctor of any plans before the hospitalization. Please advise in event of an emergency hospitalization so that they might help in a smooth evaluation as early as possible.


So, ensure that in case of a medical event as the Covid-19, you pursue these measures to stop the panic. Preparing it in advance is easier if an unexpected circumstance happens to save time and life.

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