How Do WiFi Cameras Work? A Home Security Guide

How Do WiFi Cameras Work? A Home Security Guide

A disturbing 2.5 million break-ins happen annually, and 66% of them are home break-ins. While break-ins are steadily decreasing, this is still a serious cause for concern.

Keeping you, your family, and your home safe should be a matter of serious importance. This is why so many people are adding WiFi security cameras to their homes. These cameras are a convenient way to keep tabs on your home’s activities to make sure nothing unusual is taking place.

However, not everyone understands how this technology works. Do you ever ask yourself, “How do WiFi cameras work?” Read on to get your answer.

How Do WiFi Cameras Work?

How do wireless cameras work? Basically, they run off the signal delivered by your home’s WiFi router. When the camera is triggered, which typically happens when it detects movement, it sends footage to the camera manufacturer’s cloud-based storage system.

A great benefit of this cloud-based technology is that even if a thief were to spot the camera and steal or damage it, you still have access to the footage thanks to the cloud. You can view this footage from any authorized device, be it a mobile device or a desktop computer.

The only drawback, albeit an obvious one, is that the camera will not work if the WiFi doesn’t connect or shuts down. Make sure you have a strong WiFi connection for your security camera.

How to Use a WiFi Security Camera?

Now that you know how WiFi cameras work and why they are beneficial, perhaps you want to learn how to use a WiFi camera. Figuring this out depends on what type of camera you have.

There are several types of WiFi security cameras. Perhaps you have a box camera, a thermal camera, a smoke detector camera, or any other possible WiFi camera. Either way, different cameras work in different ways.

For example, some cameras are set up via a mobile app you download on your phone. Once the camera is connected to power, you can create an account on the app and register the device. This is usually done via a code that comes with the device or by entering the device’s serial number.

Others give you a link to a website to go to on a desktop in order to set up your camera.

The good news is that most cameras offer very easy-to-follow instructions in getting the device set up. Therefore, there is no reason to fret over a complicated setup process, as the manufacturer is usually committed to making things easy to understand.

More Security Tips

If you’ve ever wondered, “How do WiFi cameras work,” now you have your answer. These cameras are easy to use, and you have the amazing benefit of accessing footage even when the camera is damaged or stolen. Protect your home and family by installing one of these cameras.

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