Things to do in Highlands NC

Things to do in Highlands NC

Highlands is a town in North Carolina, a part of the southern Appalachian Mountains frequented by tourists year-round. It is popular for ziplining, hiking trails, boating, fishing, swimming, and adventure sports.

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Things to do in Highlands NC

Best Breakfast in Highlands NC

There is nothing like a good breakfast – making for the ideal start to the day. Here are a few places to head to if you’re in Highlands, NC.

Blue Bike Cafe

If you want to have some delicious meals on a cold morning, this is the place to be. The cafe is addressed at 423 N 4th Street and is a popular place where locals meet and exchange laughs. Blue Bike Cafe is noted for the extraordinary customer service; you should try the special omelette, hash browns, and fruit smoothies.

Calders Coffee Cafe

Now, who doesn’t love a good coffee with their breakfast? This outlet is addressed at 384 Main Street, one of the busiest locales in town. Order your preferred coffee from a selection of latte, cappuccino, caramel macchiato, and many more. You can pair it with an order of sausage and egg sandwiches or some hash browns.

Sunset Rock Highlands NC

Sunset Rock is a part of the Highlands plateau in North Carolina and is a favourite for hiking and birdwatching. The hike up the graveled road is suitable for families, amateur hiker groups, and people going alone.

After reaching the top, you can relish the splendid views of the Highlands plateau and surrounding lakes. The location offers a beautiful view of the sunset – Take your friend group up the trail with packed lunchboxes or snacks and see your worries disappear.

Fun Things to do in Highlands NC

Lake Glenville

Lake Glenville is located a few miles from Cashier, NC, and is a popular spot for fishing, boating, and swimming. It offers scenic views of the Highlands valley.

Lake Sequoyah

Lake Sequoyah is not only known for the lake but also the waterfalls of the same name. It is located in a beautiful junction of lakes, where you can fish and swim.

Mirror Lake

Refreshing woods and blossoming flowers surround Mirror lake. You can spot ducks and geese in and around the lake around. Take a dip if you’re feeling adventurous.

Bridal Veil Falls

This is a 45-foot waterfall located in the Nantahala National Forest and a popular spot among tourists. You can take a walk or take scenic photographs from across the area.

The Bascom: Center for the Visual Arts

The ideal place for art lovers who can also appreciate some pottery and classic architecture. The site features locally made artwork that spans various genres and forms. You can buy accessories from the gift shop.

Zipline Highlands NC

Highlands Aerial Park

This is a zipline canopy tour housed on the sunny High Holly Mountain at an elevation of 3,420 feet. Highlands Aerial Park features a European style zipline course. The course will bring you across the lush forests, hilly terrain, carved gorges, and beautiful waterfalls.

Sunburst Adventures

Sunburst Adventures has been serving in the Clarksville area and is also close to Atlanta and Cleveland. This zipline tour package is popular among families and large groups. The zip lining experience here is more than complete; you will come across various waterfalls, lakes, and hilly terrains on your way down.


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