Your 2021 Guide to Avoiding YouTube Copyright Strikes

Your 2021 Guide to Avoiding YouTube Copyright Strikes

Can you remember a world before YouTube? No? Because neither can I. If you want to learn how to do anything, search Youtube. You’ll be given plenty of videos that can help you out with whatever your problem is.

If you create videos, specific guidelines need to be followed for them to remain up. However, if they aren’t followed, you may get hit with Youtube copyright strikes.

No creator wants to be flagged and copyrighted on Youtube because it can be detrimental to your channel. It’ll squander all of your hard work.

If you want to learn how to avoid a copyright strike on Youtube, continue reading for some tips.

Use Shorter Clips

You can get a copyright strike on a YouTube video if the piece of the content you’re using is too long. Although there’s no law about how long the actual content has to be, it would be better to use a short clip.

Try to limit your use of the copyrighted material to less than ten seconds. If you need to extend beyond that, make sure you edit it as much as possible before uploading.

Interact With the Original Content

A straightforward way to avoid copyright strikes is by interacting with the original content. So instead of letting a video clip or music sound bite play all the way, you can interject to make the material something completely different.

For example, let’s say you did a video that uses the iconic Scarface line “Say hello to my little friend.” Before he finishes, you could have the camera pan to you while you go off on a tangent about not having friends.

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Edit the Orginal Version

If you choose to use someone else’s material for your content, you can always edit it to avoid a copyright strike. Depending on the material, you can:

  • Change the picture quality
  • Mix with other videos or music
  • Alter audio pitches in the content

While these methods can be taxing, they are well worth it, so your channel doesn’t get flagged.

Give Credit

One of the easiest ways to avoid YouTube copyright strikes is to give credit to the original creator of the material. Site your source like you would with any research paper.

So if you were trying to find the right soundtrack for your video and used someone else’s music, you should:

  • Give their name
  • Date the song was released
  • Who published the song
  • Provide a URL to the original music

Giving these details will remove any chance of copyright infringement. That way, if you happened to get flagged, you should be fine if you’ve done this in conjunction with the other steps.

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Avoid YouTube Copyright Strikes With These Tips

Follow the tips above to avoid YouTube copyright strikes with ease. You can set yourself apart from different channels without entirely using the work of others. But if you do, make sure that you credit them properly to avoid any trouble.

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