Great Stay-in-Shape Tips for Office Workers

Great Stay-in-Shape Tips for Office Workers

If you are part of the 9-5 office routine, it is very easy to slide into an unhealthy lifestyle, and sitting in front of a digital screen for long periods is something to take into account. Of course, a lot depends on the layout of your working environment and the culture of the workforce; here are a few ways that you can stay in shape while working in the office.

The Eyes – 

Eye health absolutely must be addressed and taking short breaks every 30-40 minutes is all it takes; focus on things outside the window for a while, this removes the short focus strain, while there are useful blogs online about eye care in an office environment, which outline best practices.

Lunchtime Hula Hoop – 

Simply find a small empty space and start using that hula hoop from the leading Thai sports equipment supplier; it only takes 10 minutes to work for your major muscle groups and some people start their day with a morning hula hoop session, which sets you up for a productive shift.

Fruit Juice Powder – 

You may not be aware that you can order fresh fruit juice powder and adding cold water gives you a natural fruit drink with all the nutrients retained. Keep cold water in the communal fridge and enjoy delicious watermelon, lime, and other favorites; Google ‘fruit juice powder suppliers’ for online ordering.

Sitting Exercises – 

The legs can be worked while sitting at your desk; curling up your feet exercises the calf muscle, while lifting the leg from the hip and holding the position for a few seconds also gives your leg muscles something to do. Arching your back for a few minutes is another good strategy and we all know the benefits of ergonomics with office chairs; you should be using quality chairs that are designed for the office environment.

Create A Short Work-Out Routine – 

The web hosts a wealth of free resources for office workers who want to stay in shape and the far corner of your office has all the space you need to go through a short routine. First thing in the morning and just after lunch are the prime times for physical activity, which primes you for the coming work session. Neck and shoulder rolls ease tension, and squatting slowly, back upright while breathing in a controlled manner is great for the skeleton.

Get On Your Bike – 

Many office workers explore the local roads at lunchtime; indeed, you could bike to work if it isn’t too far and after your lunch, take a 15-minute ride and enjoy the fresh air, which benefits you in many ways; Vitamin D comes from sunlight and the cardio is something we all need.

Post-Work Sauna – 

If there’s a gym nearby, why not spend 20 minutes in the sauna and rejuvenate your body for the coming evening? The Scandinavian custom of sitting in a sauna is no longer a secret and if you have yet to try a sauna, this is something to add to your ‘to-do’ list. You could squeeze in a 40-minute workout at the gym before you hit the sauna and that is basically all you need to stay in good shape.

Play  A Sport – 

You’ve probably got a few people on your floor who would love to play at lunchtime; while not the most active of games, table tennis is lots of fun and does give you a workout. This short release of energy creates endorphins and makes the day that little bit more fun, plus it bonds the players. Why not extend the sessions to outside of working hours? Weekend games are great social events that benefit everyone. If you feel lethargic all the time, it might have something to do with your diet.

Experience The Outdoors – 

While there are odd occasions when an essential meeting runs through the lunch hour, you should try to get outside for a while. The sunlight will boost your immune system and we all know about viruses and bugs in communal office space! Bad weather should be the only reason the outdoor session doesn’t happen and you will enjoy the benefits.

Take Some Keep-Fit Equipment To The Office – 

Whether a hula hoop or 5kg dumbbells, keeping this equipment at the office makes it easy to make good use of a few minutes of inactivity. Some employees have a treadmill by the window and listen to their playlist while getting in 5k, we’re sure that your boss would encourage such a move. As you can see, there are quite a few ways that you can stay active in the office, and let’s face it, our overall health & well-being is not something to be ignored. It doesn’t take a lot of planning to ensure that your body is exercised while working in an office environment.