Fun Summer Date Night Ideas

Fun Summer Date Night Ideas

Did you know that it’ll take a woman 15 men, 2 long-term relationships, and 2 heartbreaks before she meets “The One”? If you’re lucky enough to have found your forever person, then congratulations!

But don’t breathe easy just yet; this doesn’t mean you should stop trying to keep the romance alive. Keeping your sweetheart on their toes is key to having an interesting and fun relationship.

But it feels like you’ve exhausted all your options and you’re wondering where to go on a date all the time.

Well, not to worry. We’re here with some fun summer date night ideas to try!

Be a Tourist in Your Own Town

The days are longer during summer, not to mention, more pleasant too. So more businesses will open later and have various offerings you wouldn’t see in other seasons.

If one or both of you are from the local area, then chances are, you’ve taken your town for granted. There are probably many hidden gems you haven’t discovered yet!

So take an afternoon (and maybe night) to rediscover your love for your city—and each other!

Play Mini-Golf

For a more romantic date night, wait until nighttime to go play mini-golf. Not only will the temperatures be cooler, but the different features will be all lit up too!

If you’re wondering what to do on a first date, this can be ideal. You can have fun laughing at all your silly mistakes and find out more about each other in between.

Go to a Drive-in Movie Theater

Do you and your sweetie like retro things? Then a drive-in movie theater is the perfect place to go for a summer date night!

A drive-in movie experience can be unforgettable. Just think about it; you’ve got the windows rolled down, you’re cuddled up to one another, and that fresh breeze is cooling you down as well.

And you don’t have to share a hot, smelly theater with everyone else either! When it’s just the 2 of you in the car, it provides a nice and intimate setting.

Cook Together

Instead of one of you prepping food and the other setting the table and washing dishes, why not cook together for once? And don’t go for a regular favorite; instead, browse the internet to find something new and exotic.

You’ll have a fun time exploring new cuisines and even ingredients as you make your way through the recipe. When there’s a tasty treat at the end, you’ll both be satisfied and proud!

Take it a step further and take it outside onto your patio. It’s warm and dry outside, so take advantage! Light some candles (or the fire pit) for a dreamy time.

Jot These Summer Date Night Ideas Down

If you want to impress your SO, then you better take some notes. These summer date night ideas are sure to wow them, and you’ve got plenty of time in these upcoming months to do so.

So tell them to clear their calendar, as you’ve got some treats in store for them. They’ll fall in love with you all over again when they see what you’ve got planned!

For more advice on romance, take a look at our other blog posts now.

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