5 Essentials to Connect With More Clients

Channels for Marketing: 5 Essentials to Connect With More Clients

Trying to market your product effectively can be daunting. It seems like marketing mediums are constantly evolving, and it’s tough to figure out the most effective way to reach new customers.

With technology advancing so rapidly, you may not even know about some of the channels for marketing that are popular today. It seems like some marketing channels have sprung up overnight!

At the same time, there are a few tried and true marketing mediums that you may have let fall by the wayside, not realizing that they’ve maintained effectiveness even in today’s fast-paced market.

What are the best ways of connecting with clients? What marketing strategies will give you the best return for the lowest investment? Keep reading to find five channels for marketing that are sure to get you more customers.

1. Email Marketing

If you’re online these days, having email is practically a necessity. That means that email marketing allows you to reach an unprecedented number of people with ease.

If your customers opt into email updates, they’re likely to be receptive to the contents of your message–it’s not going into a spam folder. That guarantees your message will be seen.

2. Podcast Marketing

Podcasts have become a massively popular medium in the last handful of years, and that makes them ideal channels for marketing. Enterprise podcasting is a smart way to take advantage of the podcast trend.

Podcasts have the advantage of mobility–people can and do listen to them anywhere. It’s also easier for people to listen to a podcast than to read an ad or email, making audio an effective way to get your message out.

3. Social Media Marketing

Much like email, social media has become ubiquitous. By using social media as a marketing platform, you can reach a huge number of clients–including people you may not otherwise have access to.

Social media marketing requires consistency; if you don’t post often enough, you’ll be ignored. However, it’s a great place to build relationships by communicating directly with clients.

4. Video Marketing

Video marketing goes hand-in-hand with social media marketing. Tweeting a video clip or uploading a YouTube video is more likely to catch people’s attention than posting a written message.

Video encourages people to stop and engage with your product or service for an extended period, without asking the customer to do extra work. This, among other reasons, is why video is considered the future of marketing.

5. Word of Mouth Marketing

While the internet has opened up many new marketing mediums, that doesn’t mean you should ignore more traditional methods of marketing. Good word of mouth is still a great way of reaching clients.

People are more likely to listen to the recommendation of a friend than a salesperson or corporate employee.

Use referral programs and foster positive engagements with customers on social media to grow a loyal customer base that will spread the word about your brand.

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The Best Channels for Marketing

Finding the right channels for marketing gives you the best chance of reaching clients and forming positive relationships. The digital age has opened up all kinds of opportunities for marketers to take advantage of.

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